Preserving Our Little Ecosystem :)

April 05, 2020 1 min read

Preserving Our Little Ecosystem :)

Nourishing you guys is just part of the story. We're here to create and nurture community, as well.

We often talk about supporting small business. It's kinda self-serving, since we are one, but what happens when you "spend small"? You support a local ecosystem that puts its money right back into the local economy, that's what. And did you know that Small Businesses employ 49% of the working people in the USA?

We wanted to take a minute and brag on our local partners - first, to point out a few brand new products on this week's menu - but also, to highlight the wide range of humans each purchase from Nourish helps to support.

We believe in more than just business as usual, and support those that hold similar beliefs. Profit is just one of the ways we judge our success at Nourish, and have gathered a crew of like-minded small businesses around us that feel the same way. Take a gander at the gorgeous group of creative small businesses at the links below, and thank you for helping to support our local economy and our special little ecosystem.

Viva Raw 
The Naked Tart
Little Sey Salt Cures
UpDog Kombucha
Urban Gourmet Farms
Boy and Girl Farms
Atabey Choreto Medicinals 
Sanctuary Bistro
Smiling Hara Tempeh
Miso Master

Move That Dough Baking Co will be back mid-June after classes end. We know, we miss them too!

Ready for more? Read all about a few changes to make your delivery even safer here!

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