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How does your menu work?

The Nourish team works hard to provide you a healthy, balanced and appealing menu every week. Each week’s menu opens on Friday morning, and closes noonish on Thursday. Our entrees, bowls, sides, soups, breakfast oats, salads, dressings and snacks change weekly, while our Nourish Standard menu items are always available. Almost every week, Chef Julia brings you a new dish to try, but fan favorites will return to the menu on a regular basis.

How do your delivery dates work?

Orders must be placed by noon on the Thursday before your preferred delivery day. It’s helpful to think of it like this: we’re in the kitchen all weekend to preparing our nutritious food and packaging, and cooking, cooling, and portioning out your order. Check out the “Order By” date at the top of each page to see when the next available delivery days are, and remember - you will have the chance to select your preferred day of delivery (either Monday or Tuesday) before you finish checking out. If you’re ever confused, send us an email at Info@NourishCharlotte.com.

When do you deliver?

Nourish delivers on Monday and Tuesday from 11:00am until 5:00pm. Your food is kept cold with ice packs the entire time it is in transit to you from our kitchen and will stay cold for up to three hours after our delivery window. If you’ll be home later than usual that day, don’t hesitate to leave a cooler and frozen ice packs out for us to help keep things even cooler! Our drivers are instructed NOT to use cooler bags or coolers left by customers unless they contain frozen ice packs (otherwise, the cooler creates an even warmer environment than ambient air, and is more dangerous to your food). 

Where do you deliver?

Click here for a detailed listing of where we deliver, and where we can ship your food. Do note that there are some zip codes we cannot deliver to the entirety of, even if they are listed.

I didn't receive my delivery!

Despite our delivery team's best efforts, a delivery can end up on the wrong doorstep - or in the wrong hands. If you cannot locate your delivery, please contact us the day of delivery so we can track it down for you. If you do not let us know on delivery day, we will only be able to offer you a 50% refund.  

I need to change my delivery address!

If you need a weekly order delivered to a different address in our delivery area, please let us know by Sunday before delivery. Change requests on Monday will have to be pulled off the route and delivered on Tuesday. We don't want to make a mistake with our routes and Monday morning is super busy!

What if I need to cancel my order?

We understand that plans can change and life can throw us curveballs, and you might need to cancel an order after our Thursday noon deadline.

First, a bit of understanding - we have locked in our food orders, planning and labeling by late Thursday afternoon. All of our production costs have been incurred at that point. As a small business, we must keep a close eye on these expenses.

In light of this, here is how we manage late order cancellations and refunds:

  • Cancellations before noon on Thursday - 100% refund
  • Cancellations after noon on Thursday through end of day - 80% refund
  • Cancellations Friday thru Sunday - 30% refund. Or you can choose to gift your order to a friend within our delivery area - please see our area map here. If so, please let us know right away, as route planning will need to be updated.
  • Cancellations on Monday or Tuesday - our delivery days - 0% refund. At this time, your food will have to be donated to one of our local charities.

Thanks for your understanding!

What if I need to skip my subscription order?

You can skip any week you like, but if you're not sure that you're skipping the correct day or week - please drop us a line at info@nourishcharlotte.com. We can't refund orders that are not properly skipped and arrive a day you are not expecting them - these would be treated as same-day cancellations.  

What if I need to cancel my subscription?

When you sign up for the subscription and receive the 15% discount, we respectfully request that you subscribe for at least four orders. If you must cancel before those four orders are up, the 15% discount is void and you will be charged the difference in price. If you skip multiple weeks a month, we will charge you full price on your last delivery. Please plan on receiving delivery at least two out of every four weeks per month. 

What if I need to change my custom meal plan?

Due to the complexity of the custom meal plan program, we are not able to redesign your subscription same-day; please plan for a 4-day turnaround on any meal plan edit. This means that we are no longer able to field Thursday AM changes to the following Monday or Tuesday’s delivery. Also note that if multiple changes occur within a 30-day period, we may assess a fee to cover customer service hours.

Thanks for your understanding!

Are you 100% gluten-free and plant-based?

Yes we are! Nourish works out of a gluten-free and vegan kitchen in Charlotte, NC. In addition to those dietary standards, we use small amounts of low glycemic sweeteners such as organic maple syrup, organic coconut sugar, organic coconut nectar, organic date sugar, and organic agave nectar. We’re also big fans of the Anti-Inflammatory Diet, and use limited amounts of simple carbohydrates in our meals. We even have grain free options, if that’s your preference!  If you have any questions about our nutritional guidelines and practices, please e-mail us at info@nourishcharlotte.com . We are proud of the way we make food and would love to talk about it with you!

May I pick up my order?

If you collect our order from Nourish World Headquarters on Mondays, we will happily refund your delivery fee. Orders delivered to our sister company, Plant Joy, or a retail partner will still require a delivery fee.

Do I need to tip my delivery driver?

A majority of the price you pay for delivery goes directly to your driver, so there is no need to tip. But thanks!

Can I get delivery to an apartment, into a gated neighborhood, or to an office?

Yes. Just include any gate codes, apartment numbers or any special instructions in your delivery notes.

Oh No! I missed the order deadline! How can I Nourish myself this week?

No matter where you are in Charlotte, we're making Nourish as accessible as possible. Besides our extensive delivery service, we offer these amazing retail locations around town:⠀

Good Soul Hot Yoga - Mooresville

 Green Brothers - Dilworth at 2230 Park Road 8am-7pm

 Green Brothers - Foxcroft at 7802 A Fairview Road 8am-6pm

• Green Brothers - South End at 2725-B South Blvd 8am-6pm

• Green Brothers - Birkdale - 16815 Cranlyn Rd, Suite B Huntersville 8am-6pm

• Green Brothers - Piper Glen - 6432 Rea Rd Suite A-2 8am-6pm

And of course, you can always nourish yourself at our sister company, Plant Joy, Wednesdays through Sundays.

Is Nourish food organic and locally-sourced?

Nourish sources as much local, organic, and pesticide-free ingredients as possible. We do not cut corners when purchasing our produce because we believe that the best food is made from the purest ingredients. We are currently partnering with Boy & Girl Farm as well as a number of other small farms for produce, and use UNFI extensively for our organic, non-gmo dry goods.

Can I reuse the packaging?

Absolutely. We use recyclable or compostable containers that can be reused. The containers with the clear lids and black bases are both dishwasher safe and microwave safe. You can also send them back to us (once cleaned) with your bag and ice packs and we will recycle them for you or donate them! If your driver determines your containers have not been cleaned before being returned, they might leave them for you to wash.

What do I do with my bag and ice packs after delivery?

We will trade out your previous bag and ice packs when we make the next week’s delivery. If you will not be ordering from us for a while we can schedule a pick up. Simply e-mail info@nourishcharlotte.com and we will take care of the rest!

Do you cater?

Yes! We would love to cater your next party or event. Email info@nourishcharlotte.com , fill out our inquiry form here, or call us at 855-442-3663.