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Nourish, Frontline Foods and other local restaurants team up to feed front line healthcare workers!

April 11, 2020 2 min read

Nourish, Frontline Foods and other local restaurants team up to feed front line healthcare workers!
Fueling Care in Times of Crisis.

When the world completely changes in three weeks, how do you know who needs help and how do you get it to them? 

It's easy for Team Nourish to go directly to food, and to feeding those people working with our ailing neighbors, trying to comfort and heal them. And so, that's what we did, what we're doing, and what we'll continue to do, until these chaotic times are past us. 

So far, we've gotten to feed our friends at Novant Hospital Huntersville, but the fun has just begun. We are part of a robust network with ample funds at the ready to nourish our local doctors, nurses and first responders as needed. 

We'll be alongside some of our favorite local independently owned restaurants, like:

Common Market

Leah & Louise

East Side Local

300 East

Chef Alyssa's Kitchen

...and a whole bunch of other talented, passionate, amazing humans. Keep coming back here - we'll make sure to update that list!

Chef Julia's been working with the local Frontline Foods team as a restaurant liason, connecting funding to local spots in need of business. But Frontline Foods is a national organization! With the support of Chef Jose Andres' not-for-profit, World Central Kitchen, we're sure to have the infrastructure we need to feed those hard-working humans keeping us all well and safe whever they need us. It's a beautiful thing.

If you're feeling generous, you can support our efforts here - all monies donated through us will support healthy, vegan food going out to area hospitals to support the immune systems of those on the front lines.

We've already raised $250 from our amazing customers alone, and the local Charlotte chapter has raised $20,000 in our first week! We can't wait to see big this thing can get. Thanks for always supporting us in doing this heart-centered work - we love you guys!

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