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#THISYEARIWILL - let's make 2018 the year we thrive, together!

January 07, 2018 2 min read

#THISYEARIWILL - let's make 2018 the year we thrive, together!

I LOVE new year's resolutions! Time often passes so fleetingly, and I'm a big fan of using milemarker dates and holidays to snap me out of my routine and make change. Every year at our holiday party, the Nourish team shares intentions for the year ahead - both at work and in their personal lives. And this year, I wanted to bring our fabulous customers (that's you!) into the fold, so we can share in each other's victories, both large and small. 

Our new campaign #thisyeariwill is here for us to share the progress we're making, the steps we're taking and the scenery (both beautiful and challenging) along the way. We all have things to work through, and making all the change you want to, on your own, all at once, can be overwhelming. For instance - despite being the executive chef for a super healthy kitchen, time pressures can tank my dietary resolutions. So I'm cutting out wheat and back on salt for this first month of the year, both for my health's sake, and to force myself to be more creative about my meal planning. Others on staff are making even greater change - we've two employees doing our cleanses this month (marketing intern Morgan just completed the Starter Cleanse yesterday, and Caroline, Marketing Manager, will be doing the Master Cleanse starting this Tuesday). You can follow along with their adventures on Instagram! Or create your own adventure and tag it #thisyeariwill, so we can cheer you on. Team work makes the dream work!

Food is often the hardest area in our lives to change meaningfully, as we're surrounded with so many unhealthy convenience foods and temptations, and when those temptations meet the pressures of our busy, modern lives...well, things can get messy. I'm proud of these ladies for taking on the challenge, and I'm proud of the many customers who also made the decision to reset this January as well. It's not easy, but the benefits are huge and long-lasting.

So, say it with us now - THIS YEAR I WILL:

Meditate Daily

Eat with Intention

Spend More Time Outdoors 

Drink More Smoothies

....and Make Memories with Loved Ones.

We can't help you with all of those changes, but we can get you beautifully healthy, locally sourced meals to save you time, and help you Eat with Intention. Join us as we make this the year we thrive. Happy 2018!

 - Chef Julia