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The Nourish Cleanse Experience

December 23, 2021 2 min read

The Nourish Cleanse Experience

Oh, what a beautiful time to cleanse! Whether you're wanting to kick off the new year with a healthy start, giving plant based living a try, or just trying to be more aware of what you eat, we've got the perfect cleanse package for you. We know that it can be a bit scary jumping into this, so we wanted to provide you with a ton of great info from past cleansers. Let them guide you through :)

So, what is it really like doing a Nourish cleanse?

We have some amazing cleanse journals all ready for you to peruse. Check out these real accounts of the experience. The great, the difficult and everything in between:

Katie does the Integrative Cleanse (the Integrative Cleanse is no longer on our menu, but this still has some great info!)

Jordan does the Master Cleanse

Lindsay does the Starter Cleanse 

So what is the big difference between the Starter Cleanse & the Master Cleanse?

The Starter Cleanse is best for those new to a plant-based diet as it contains entrees and more dense food for a smoother transition.

The Master Cleanse is more of a challenge and focuses on light foods, tonics, and kombucha for weight loss and detoxing. Please contact us at info@nourishcharlotte.com if you want a 100% caffeine free cleanse experience.

We also have new Starter Cleanse options for 2021 include Calorie Conscious and Carb Conscious Plans. Read more about them here.

Need a bit more info?

We've added some highlights from our awesome customers who have been cleansing over the past few years:

2021 Cleanses

2020 Cleanses

2019 Cleanses

Happy New Year! Make it a plant-powered year, with Nourish. We are here to make it supremely easy to eat healthfully and happily. Please reach out to us with any questions you have about this process by emailing info@nourishcharlotte.com.

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