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Jordan does the Master Cleanse

January 13, 2019 4 min read

Jordan does the Master Cleanse
Hi friends! Jordan here. For those who don't know me, I'm the face  
behind Nourish's Instagram account. I have been working with Nourish  
since June 2018 and am so excited to finally take on my first 5-day  
Master Cleanse this week!⠀

For full disclosure, I also work at Viva Raw full-time so I am already  
familiar with the cleansing process and have successfully completed  
5-day juice cleanses before, but it has been quite some time since  
I've slowed down for that long to simply focus on myself. I'm a huge  
advocate of plant-based eating, but with a growing photography +  
social media side hustle I have been struggling to eat quite as  
perfectly as I'd like lately. Follow along on my journey as I hit the  
(much needed) reset button this week!

Day 1:


I’m starting my morning off at Viva Raw with the Green Smoothie and  
let me just tell you, this drink is my JAM.

I am feeling a little tired though as I have been up editing photos  
since 6am. Coffee usually works it’s magic right around now, but I  
know it’s healthy to take a break from it every once in a while and  
lessen my dependency on it. The first two days are typically the  
hardest for me without caffeine, but I’m ready to power through!


I’m banking on the Power Bowl + Lenny Boy kombucha to give me LIFE  
through the rest of my shift at Viva Raw. Besides being tired though,  
this cleanse does not disappoint so far! Everything from Nourish  
always tastes incredible and feels so nutrient dense.

For the record, I’m not a huge sautéed mushroom eater at all. I was  
actually a little unsure beforehand if I would even eat the whole  
Power Bowl with sautéed mushrooms in it, but THESE mushrooms are  
delicious! I scarfed them right down. Whatever marinade was used, I  
want it on everything!

Day 2:


Here we are on day two of the Master Cleanse!

Another 6am morning for me so I drank my Green Smoothie and then also  
treated myself to a turmeric-tangerine ginger decaf tea from the Not  
Just Coffee right across from Viva Raw inside 7th Street Public  
Market. I know this tea isn’t part of the cleanse, but it’s freezing  
cold outside and tea helps trick my brain into thinking I’m having  
coffee for a morning pick-me-up. I think herbal decaf teas are a great  
addition to a cleanse anyways though with all their powerful  
antioxidants. (Side note: It’s crucial to drink decaf because caffeine  
can block the absorption of vital nutrients, and we definitely don’t  
want that during a cleanse!)

Really looking forward to trying Little Sey Salt Cures digestive tea  
this evening as part of the cleanse!


So, I made a total rookie mistake yesterday. I left for work without  
my water bottle. This is a huge no no. Granted it was the first day,  
but I was feeling extra tired, dehydrated and hungry.

After sipping on water all day today, I feel about 20 times better.  
I’m honestly not great about drinking water regularly, but need to  
work on incorporating it into my diet more. It’s truly incredible how  
beneficial water is for your body.

Day 3:


Hello day three! I’m about halfway through the Master Cleanse, and  
while it seems to be getting a little easier, I’m also dealing with a  
whole new set of difficulties today…

1. I meet up with our little Nourish marketing team over coffee every  
Thursday morning, and I knew going into it that it would be hard for  
me as the only one without a cup of coffee in hand. I prepared myself  
ahead of time though and managed to make it through just fine with the  
trusty Green Smoothie!

2. Tonight I’m going to the Lake Street Dive concert at The Fillmore  
with my parents and boyfriend. I love live music, but it always makes  
me feel a bit anxious being in a tight room with tons of other people  
so I typically will grab a beer to sip on throughout the show. I don’t  
drink a ton, I think I mostly just prefer to have something in my  
hand. Is that weird? Anyways, I’m going totally sober tonight. We’ll  
see how it goes!


On day one of the cleanse the afternoon snack was half of a Masala  
Hummus snack pack. It literally took all of my willpower to not eat  
the entire thing. Feeling very grateful today that I decided not to do  
that though because the rest of this snack pack is about to FUEL ME  
through a whole concert.

Day 4:

Y’all, I’m feeling almost like a million bucks today! I made it  
through the concert soberly last night (thanks to the Lenny Boy  
kombucha on tap inside The Fillmore), so I woke up today with zero  
hangover AND more energy. Plus, I’m feeling lighter, which I haven’t  
felt in quite some time. All is well right now.

Day 5:

So, here we are on day five of the Master Cleanse! This week has  
definitely had it's ups and downs, but today I'm feeling grateful for  
the entire experience. As hard as it was to give up coffee or not grab  
a handful of chips between meals, I've made it through to the other  
end of the tunnel feeling far more energized, more hydrated and more  
healthy than before.⠀

The past few days I've been working long hours, getting little sleep  
and dealing with my loss of caffeine to mask my usual tiredness, but  
today was different. I got a solid nine hours of sleep (that never  
happens!), I worked from home at a relaxed pace, and I savored every  
bite of this delicious plant-based food that's so carefully crafted by  
the Nourish kitchen team.⠀

Not only do I feel the healthiest I've felt in quite some time, I also  
feel inspired to continue on in this journey, allowing space in my  
hectic schedule to eat better and get back into running and yoga.⠀

Thank you to everyone who followed along on the journey. If this has  
sparked your interest in signing up for a cleanse, please do not  
hesitate to send any of your questions to me at  
jordan@nourishcharlotte.com 💚