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Check out these Hidden Gems (aka, cool stuff you might not know we sell)....

August 21, 2021 1 min read

Check out these Hidden Gems (aka, cool stuff you might not know we sell)....

We know! There's some things on our menu you just can't quit. But what if you're glazing over something you'd LOVE?

That's why this week, we're bringing your attention to some lesser-known gems on our weekly menu!


Teas from Little Sey Salt Cures! We love these intentionally made herbacious beauties and are sure you will too. You can even get them bagged if for ease of enjoyment!


Chef Julia's Aromatic Broth! With shiitake, lemongrass, thai basil and more, this is a umami bomb AND full of vitamins and minerals. Sip warm if you're under the weather, or use in your next stew as your secret ingredient!


Viva Raw's Cocaditas are tasty lil coconut cookies, raw and phytonutrient dense, with enough protein and fiber to keep you full for hours. Who said cookies can't be healthy?


Kenchi Kimchi hails to us from Charleston SC, and is absolutely delicious. And amazing for your gut biome! And locally/organically sourced, and did we mention delicious?

So brave the untested seas this week, adventurer! You might find something you can't live without :)

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