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Nourishing Yourself (and your friends!) can be SO REWARDING!

August 20, 2021 1 min read

Nourishing Yourself (and your friends!) can be SO REWARDING!

We brag on you guys, did you know that? "We literally have the best customers," we'll often say; "they're environmentally aware, understanding when we aren't totally perfect, and donate generously whenever we ask them to. It's phenomenal!"

So maybe that's why we're giving back a little more these days with our rewards program. 

That's right! We have an amazing rewards system!  For every dollar spent now, you get 1.5 points. You'll rack up that first 5 dollar off coupon in no time! 

And that's not all! When you refer a friend, you now get 15$ off your next order with us - and they get a 15% off coupon. Talk about win win!

To get started, visit any page on our website and click the little green "rewards program" box at the bottom right. 

Just a little nudge to keep on nourishing yourself (you're doing great!) and sending people our way. We'll make sure to treat them just like we treat you - with love and respect and all the gratitude. Thank you!

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