Nourishing Yourself can be SO REWARDING!

February 14, 2020 1 min read

Nourishing Yourself can be SO REWARDING!

Yes, we know Valentine's Day is behind us, but you know what? We love our customers.

We brag on you guys, did you know that? "We literally have the best customers," we'll often say; "they're environmentally aware, understanding when we aren't totally perfect, and donate generously whenever we ask them to. It's phenomenal!"

So maybe that's why we're giving back a little more these days with our rewards program. 

That's right! We have an amazing rewards system, and starting this week, we've tripled the points you earn when you place an order. For every dollar spent now, you get 3 points rather than 1. You'll rack up that first 5 dollar off coupon in no time! 

And that's not all! When you refer a friend, you now get 15$ off your next order with us - and they get a 15% off coupon. Talk about win win!

To get started, visit any page on our website and click the little green "rewards program" box at the bottom right. 

Just a little nudge to keep on nourishing yourself (you're doing great!) and sending people our way. We'll make sure to treat them just like we treat you - with love and respect and all the gratitude. Thank you!

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