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Take Dad on a Vegan Adventure for Father's Day!

June 18, 2020 1 min read

Take Dad on a Vegan Adventure for Father's Day!


Dads get a bad rap when it comes to healthy diets - but they're coming around. Still, ANY person can be a little reluctant about making major changes to their diets...but maybe, just maybe, it'll be easier to show him how amazing he'll feel on a plant based diet if you show him the way?

That's why we've got a fun last minute gift idea for you this Father's Day - the Vegan Lunch Adventure.

The way it works is like this - you snag a Just Lunches for you AND your dad, and the two of you eat awesome vegan lunches for the week together. The stakes aren't too high - we're not talking dinner or anything, right?! - and it might be just delicious enough, and he might feel just good enough, that he's down for Phase Two!

So go ahead! Put two Just Lunches plans in your cart and your automatic 20% discount will hit. And if you're already a subscriber and enjoy lunch from us on the regular, use code LOVEDAD for that 20% off his Just Lunches

If you'd like us to deliver Dad's Just Lunches to his address, go ahead and shoot us an email after purchase and we'll get that all squared away for you!

Bringing people around gently is the way, y'all! Cheers to Dads, and loving on Dads, today, tomorrow, and all year long.