About Nourish Charlotte


Our Mission

Nourish, LLC exists to make it supremely easy for busy, health-oriented North Carolinians to have locally-sourced, clean, nutritious, prepared foods at their fingertips, while supporting our planet, our local economy, and our neighbors at the same time.

Our Story

Have you ever had the sense that there's something more out there for you...some larger purpose, some meaningful contribution...and it's just waiting to be discovered so you can get on with making the world a better place?

Yep, here too. And that's how Nourish got its start.


In early 2011, Julia Simon (right), a passionate 15+ year vegetarian/vegan, artist, photographer, and personal chef living in Charlotte, was wondering how else to share her deep love of and belief in cooking healthy, amazingly delicious food with a much wider population, all the while promoting how well we can eat while mindfully being cruelty-free. In addition to ongoing personal cheffing, she started branching out, selling a line of prepared foods at the Plaza Midwood based Eco-licious. She re-vamped her popular food blog. She started working with a local cleanse group, supporting their dietary needs throughout the program. And she whipped up incredible fare for lots of catering requests. But still, something was missing...

At the same time, there was Laura Neff (left), a farm raised, former-corporate, Life Leadership coach, with a deep passion for organic gardening, healthy cooking, and avidly spreading the good news of healthy living. She kept frustratedly thinking, "We know so much about what it takes to create vitality and keep disease at bay, but the food system we're steeped in creates the exact opposite. Somebody really ought to start a business to make it much easier for well meaning, health-minded, super-busy people to have immediate access to GOOD food." As you might imagine, there was, one day, a forehead-smacking, blinding flash of the obvious when she remembered that great Lily Tomlin quote: "I always wondered why somebody didn't do something about that. Then I realized that I was somebody." Oh...that! Yes!

Just a few months later, through the gifts of synchronicity and serendipity, Julia and Laura, who had heard about one another's endeavors, met. All it took was a few initial spark-like conversations, and they dove in together, committed to turning the idea of Nourish into reality. It was too important, they realized, not to, and they knew they were just the ones for the job.

In April of 2012, Nourish opened its virtual doors with Julia, Laura, and their very first team member, Ben, wearing all the hats it took to get this little biz off the ground. Before they knew what happened, word about Nourish had spread like wildfire, and their weekly orders were maxed out almost instantaneously week after week! They moved to a larger commercial kitchen, hired more staff, and ever since, Nourish has been on a path of growth and evolution.


As of September, 2014, Nourish supports close to 20 amazing, dedicated, diverse, smart, passionate team members on its kitchen, delivery, and admin teams. They are students, parents, teachers, small business owners, artists, musicians, chefs, and to a person, they deeply believe in Nourish and what we're up to in our corner of the world.

We also support other local small businesses, like Viva Raw, The Naked Tart, and brüks bars, whose stellar products you can find on our menu weekly. Charlotte-based Carolina Green Supply provides our non-toxic, eco-friendly packaging, and Mooresville-based Providence Packaging provides our shipping and temperature control supplies. Bell's Best Berries plus the many North and South Carolina farmers connected with Eastern Carolina Organics provide much of our locally sourced produce. We're proud to be able to support these hard working local partners and firmly believe that all ships rise with the tide!

Also in September, 2014, Julia stepped into full ownership of Nourish, as Laura stepped out of that role and into her next chapter of building and serving, still staying closely connected with the company and watching with excitement as new team members bring their skills, ideas, and passion to the business.

Julia is *thrilled* to lead the charge and eager to grow Nourish through this next stage of evolution, which will see expansion throughout North Carolina, among other things. Joined on the leadership team by Johnson & Wales grad Craig, talented chef Tara, by her husband, Erik in the role of Fulfillment Manager, and by new team member Katie in the role of Engagement Manager, she's focused and ready to lead the way. As ever, exciting times abound and await...!