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The Perinatal Plan

  • Nourish your body before, during, and after pregnancy with this exclusive meal plan! We're here to bring you prepared meals for your comfort and your baby's development so that you can spend more time enjoying the journey of parenthood, from getting ready to getting to know your little one. Each order contains five days of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all plant-based and all nutrient-dense. This meal plan is also the perfect gift for the mothers in your life! We offer Soy Free and Nut Free plans in addition to our Classic option. Please note that subscription plans can be managed from your Customer Account Page, and pauses to service must be made by Wednesday at noon before your usual delivery day. When you sign up for the subscription and receive the 15% discount, we respectfully request that you subscribe for at least four orders. 

    How Meal Plans Work: The structure of our meal plans stays the same each week (please see the "What It Includes" tab), but the specific items we deliver to you come from the current a la carte menu. Our menus change every week, with new entrees, soups, sides, salads and bowls, along with our standard items that are always available. You set it and forget it - no extra work on your part.

  • What It Includes:

    • 2 Small Entree 1
    • 1 Small Entree 2
    • 1 Bodhi Bowl
    • 1 Power Bowl
    • 2 Salads of the Week
    • 1 Butternut Mac and Cheese
    • 1 Small Soup 1
    • 1 Small Soup 2
    • 1 Small Side 1
    • 1 Small Side 2
    • 3 Baked Oat Squares
    • 1 Snack Pack with Super Seed Crackers
    • 1 six pack of Earth and Sun Energy Bites
    • 1 Four-pack of Glow Tea from Five Goddess Farm

    Our tea contains Red Clover Blossoms, Red Raspberry Leaf, Catnip, Stinging Nettle, and Motherwort.

    Ingredients for the dishes can be found under their individual a la carte listing.