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The Breakfasts and Lunches Plan

  • So no dinners? Just working day food? You just need the Healthy Hustle Plan or the Stay Alive 'til Five Plan? We've got you covered with our Breakfasts and Lunches Plan! Just grab and go in the morning - but don't forget that snack pack to help you make it through the day! Note: We do not offer Soy Free or Nut Free options for this plan.

    How Meal Plans Work: The structure of our meal plans stays the same each week (please see the "What It Includes" tab), but the specific items we deliver to you come from the current a la carte menu. Our menus change every week, with new entrees, soups, sides, salads and bowls, along with our standard items that are always available. You set it and forget it - no extra work on your part.

    Subscription Plans can be managed from your Customer Account Page, and pauses to service must be made by Wednesday at noon before your usual delivery day. When you sign up for the subscription and receive the 15% discount, we respectfully request that you subscribe for at least four orders. 

  • Three Days:

    • One Small Entree 1
    • One Small Entree 2
    • One Bodhi Bowl
    • One Baked Oats
    • One Muesli with Cinnamon
    • One Muesli with Cacao
    • One Superseed Milk
    • One Snack Pack with Crackers


    Five Days:

    • Two Small Entree 1
    • One Small Entree 2
    • Two Bodhi Bowls
    • Three Baked Oats
    • One Muesli with Cinnamon
    • One Muesli with Cacao
    • One Superseed Milk
    • Two Snack Packs with Crackers