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Juices from Viva Raw

Viva Raw sources the best ingredients from sustainable farms. Then they do as little as possible to them. No high-pressure processing that extends shelf life but destroys vital micronutrients and enzymes. No cheap fillers or added water. Just organic, cold-pressed, raw juice.

The fruits and vegetables they use are truly fresh, picked at their prime to impart the best flavor and cold-pressed to protect vital nutrients. Viva Raw juice blends are fresh and preservative-free. They select from a wide range of plant-based ingredients that are known to help improve and maintain your health.

Choose Green Harvest, Citrus Twist or Beet Boost. You will love them all!

Green Harvest: Cucumber • Apple • Kale • Collard Greens • Celery • Lemon • Parsley

Beet Boost: Beet • Apple • Carrot • Cucumber • Orange • Lemon • Parsley • Ginger

Citrus Twist: Orange • Apple • Carrot • Cucumber • Ginger

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