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Let Us Do The Shopping!

The Family Plan

We love feeding families so that you can all be together, without the craziness of cooking and scheduling and trying to make sure everyone's getting all the nutrients they need. Order our Family Plan today for four meals that each feed four, plus salads, snacks, baked oats for breakfast, and our kid-loved Mac 'n' "Cheeze." We offer Soy and Nut free plans in addition to our Classic option as well.

Questions about how our meal plans work? Check out this post!

The Professional Plan

Work hard, Nourish hard. With ten portioned meals, soups, sides, and breakfast getting delivered right to your door, you can have it all. Let Nourish fuel you throughout your work week. Select our Soy or Nut free option if you would like or our Classic option for the greatest variety of food.

Questions about how our meal plans work? Check out this post!

The Variety Plan

Our Variety Plan gets you a portion of our favorite dishes of the week. Chef Julia hand selects a large entree, a large soup, two small sides, one large side, and a large of our weekly baked oat and snack pack just for you. We offer Soy Free and Nut Free options for this plan, as well as a Classic option which gives us more options to pick from for you. Questions about how our meal plans work? Check out this post!

The Just Lunches Plan

Let us make your lunch break stress free. This plan gives you a small of each entree, two bodhi bowls, and one salad of the week. Select the "Soy Free" or the "Nut Free" option if you'd like, or select the "Classic" for the greatest variety in entrees. You can also order multiple weeks at a time and let us take the chaos of lunchtime away from you. Here's to smoother work days and healthier bodies!!

Questions about how our meal plans work? Check out this post!


Exquisite Entrees

Farmstand Wok with Local Tatsoi and Bok Choy, Oyster Mushrooms, and Szechuan ‘Fu

kid friendlynourish signaturefreezer friendlyincludes soy

Take a "wok" on the wild side with our "fried" brown rice dish! We whip out our trusty wok, heat up just a smidge of some delish coconut oil, and flash-wok "fry" brown rice with a whole lot'o veggies, like pak choy, tatsoi, and oyster mushrooms. This heap of deeply flavored goodness is topped with szechuan tofu cubes that have been marinated in a blend of tamari, sake, and szechuan peppercorn. We call it "farmstand" because it contains enough veggies to fill, you guessed it, a farmstand!

Deconstructed Tamales with Ranchero-Roasted Summer Veggies, “Nacho Cheese,” Pico de Gallo and Kale

kid friendlynourish signatureincludes nuts

Back in the "BC" days, ancient Mayan civilizations prepared tamales for great feasts. As you sit down to one of your feasts this coming week, make sure to nosh on our decontructed version of this preclassic era classic! We start with organic, non-GMO polenta cakes and homemade ranchero roasted summer vegetables, and top these with our own cashew "Nacho Cheese" Massaged kale with radish, carrot, and hempseed is sided by a refreshing Pico de Gallo. A feast, indeed!

1 Servings $13.25

Power Bowl with Massaged Kale, Bruschetta, Roasted Sweet Potato, and Spinach Artichoke Dip

kid friendlynourish signatureincludes nutslow carb

For those that want a low-to-no carb meal for a regenerative post-work out boost, look no further! Our new Power Bowl packs healthy fats and big protein into a small, delicious meal. This week bright roasted sweet potato spears get packed beside a Bruschetta-esque tomato salad. Our Massaged Kale with hempseeds and Spinach Artichoke Dip makes this bowl a powerful and perfect grain-free dish.

1 Servings $11.75

Bodhi Bowl with Quinoa-Pepita Pilaf, Massaged Kale with Radish, Ranchero Veggies, and Seed Mix

nourish signaturelow carb

Our Bodhi is an entire meal, comprised of different elements from our menu, that gives you all the nutrients you need to be refreshed and refocused. This week we pack you Quinoa-Pepita Pilaf for amino acids, a heap of Ranchero-Roasted Veggies for protein, and raw, hempseed Massaged Kale and our Healthy Crunchies seed mix for fatty acids. Enjoy this vita-packed and perfectly portioned bowl!

3 Servings $13.95

Creamy Butternut Mac ‘n’ “Cheese”

kid friendlyfreezer friendlyincludes nuts

Oh, the enduring comfort of mac 'n' cheese! Happily, we've whipped up a way, way, WAY healthier version of that uber-processed and artificial-dye infused stuff from Kraft, and it's on our menu, now and forever! This dish comes in our small entree size, serving 2 hearty, meal portions or 3 smaller, side portions. It's like the kind you remember as a kid: creamy and warm! Brown rice noodles provide the base, while loads of veggies hide in the "cheese."

Stellar Soups

Fully Loaded Baked Potato Stew with Roast Broccoli and Shiitake “Bacon”

kid friendlyfreezer friendlyincludes nuts

We love us some heavy, comforting baked potatoes, all loaded up with toppings! This stew takes those flavors and reinvents them. Our favorite part? The Shiitake Mushroom "Bacon" Bits that make this a next level dish! Enjoy and grab extra to freeze for a night when you need a treat.

Tomato Florentine with Arugula, Spinach, and Chard

kid friendlynourish signaturefreezer friendlylow carblow fat

Take a mini-staycation from the comfort of your own kitchen table to Florence, Italy with this fan-favorite Tomato Florentine! This vita-and-veggie packed soup features delicious, nutritious spinach and local chard. We also fill out this brothy soup with celery, leeks, and onions and our house-made vegetable stock. Flavored with basil and garlic, this *very* freezable soup is perfect to enjoy upon delivery or to pull out of the freezer on one of those hectic nights when you need to take a little break and pretend you're in romantic Florence.

Side Dishes and Add-Ons

Tuno Salad with Homemade Bread ‘n’ Butter Pickles

kid friendlynourish signaturelow carb

Oh yes, it's TuNO! We'll leave our tuna friends alone to do their thing in the salty ocean waters and let Chef Julia serve up this absolutely delicious alternative to tuna salad. It all starts with a base of chickpeas, diced veggies like carrots, celery, and onions, and our housemade, Omega 3 packed, hemp mayo. We add a touch of hijiki for a hint of deep-sea nuance, dill plus other herbs and spices, and diced bread 'n' butter pickles made fresh in our kitchen. Enjoy with crackers, veggies, on a sandwich, or on its own!

Kung Pao Veggies

kid friendlynourish signaturefreezer friendlyincludes soylow carb

There is nothing quite like Kung Pao! Even those words are fun to say! We start with a Sambal sauce that's rich in garlic, tamarind, lemon grass, and ginger root. Broccoli florets, carrots, turnips, and onion get coated in this Sambal and roasted until golden. Then, we layer this flavor with our Nourish-ized Kung Pao sauce which is a slow-simmered, mildly kicky, sweet (but tart!) combination of miso, vinegar, and tamari. This dish'll knock your socks off! Xiăngshòu!

Thanksgiving Candied Sweet Potato Salad with Pecans and Cranberry

kid friendlynourish signatureincludes nuts

Gather around and give thanks for sweet potatoes!! This salad is a toss of those roasted 'taters with cranberries, kicky arugula and a flavorful dijon and orange juice dressing. To top it all off, we maple syrup and cinnamon glaze pecans and heap them over all this delish! This dish is also full of vitamin A (a rock star of the anti-oxident world, an infection fighter, immune booster, and eyesight protector) and vitamin K (great for your bones and preventing osteoperosis) so dig in!

Quinoa-Pepita Pilaf

kid friendlynourish signaturefreezer friendlylow carblow fat

For those of you that are lookin' for a lighter side dish that still gives you lotsa nourishment, look no further - it's Quinoa-Pepita Pilaf! We'll be offering this side each week as a simple, savory, protein-packed option that easily compliments other dishes AND stands deliciously on its own. Organic tri-color quinoa is cooked with our house-made vegetable stock, then tossed with toasted pepitas and fresh herbs, with just a smidge of lemon juice. Enjoy chomping on this fresh lil' side!

Superior Salads

Note: All salads come with a side of “healthy crunchies,” a combo of soaked/dehydrated pumpkin seeds & sunflower seeds, plus hemp and chia seeds. Adds a delicious, crunchy power-pack of nutrients, omega-3s, protein, fiber and vitamins!

1 Servings $10.95

Salad of the Week with Tuno Salad and Aphrodite Dressing

kid friendlylow carblow saltlow fat

When life gets busy, our Salad of the Week is the perfect grab-n-go lunch or light dinner option! It's a complete meal, including our local lettuce, kale, and purple cabbage mix, a serving of our Jamba salad veggies mix, a side of our Healthy Crunchies, a 2 oz dressing, this week, Aphrodite Dressing, and a serving of our creamy Tuno Salad. Stock up, and enjoy throughout the week!

2 Servings $15.45

Jambalamba Meal-Sized Salad

kid friendlynourish signaturelow carblow saltlow fat

One of the best ways to make sure your bod is ready for anything is to eat *tons* of fresh, unadulterated veggies! Our "Jamba" is a meal-sized salad for two, including 7 ounces of our delish lettuce, kale, and purple cabbage mix with 18 ounces of fresh carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and radishes sided by two serving of our Healthy Crunchies to sprinkle on top. Alone, or with one of our sides, this salad will leave you feeling perfectly refreshed and satisfied! NEW PACK: we'll be putting your greens in recyclable 48oz containers to keep them even fresher!

2 Servings $8.45

Beautifully Basic Side Salad

kid friendlyrawlow carblow saltlow fat

Are you looking for some fresh greens and veggies without all the heft and bedazzling of our Jambalamba Meal-Sized Salad? No problem! Our Beautifully Basic Side Salad provides a pile o' local greens, fresh veggie mix, and a 2 ounce serving of Healthy Crunchies to sprinkle on top, then devour. You can definitely share this side salad among a few people as well! NEW PACK: we'll be putting your greens in recyclable 32oz containers to keep them even fresher!

Dressings and Sauces

4 Servings $4.95

Szechuan Chili Oil

spicyfreezer friendlylow carb

Chef Julia la-la-loves the magic of Szechuan. Using Szechuan Peppercorns and Chili Flakes, we're making you a hot oil to spice up your life. Enjoy each heated drop!!!

4 Servings $4.95

Aphrodite Dressing

kid friendlyfreezer friendlylow carb

What could be a better way to dress your gorgeous, healthy salad than with a dressing named for the daughter of the Gods? Aphrodite Dressing is a smooth blend of tahini, scallion, garlic, fresh herbs, sesame oil, and more whole-food deliciousness to make a creamy, Mediterranean-influenced salad topper. Many of you may also recognize this as the same, addictive dressing that we include in your falafel platter. If you haven't tried it yet, now's your chance to let the adoration begin! 8 oz.

Beautiful Breakfasts

Lemon-Blueberry Muffin Baked Oats with Coconut Crumble

kid friendlynourish signaturefreezer friendlylow salt

Take one nibble, and your taste buds will tell you there's a whole lot of *yum* going on here! Certified gluten-free oats are mixed with our house-made brown rice milk, then swirled with blueberries, mashed bananas, applesauce, cinnamon, lemon juice and fresh zest, a little bit of maple syrup, and a touch of coconut oil. It's all baked to perfection and sent your way, tasting like a super yummy, moist, lemon-blueberry muffin with a shredded coconut crumble on top. Guaranteed "Good Mornings!" come from starting your day with these delights!

Super Starter Cereals

kid friendlynourish signaturerawlow salt

These little cereals are the perfect uber-healthy breakfasts on the go! Simply pour in your milk of choice, shake (with the lid on, of course), and in just minutes, it's ready to eat! We add health-filled goji berries and chia seeds, a little raw date sugar and either Cinnamon and Nutmeg or Cacao for delicious flavor. It's only slightly sweet, so you can moderate with your sweetener of choice; you can even get super fancy and add some fresh fruit! Personally, we think they're killer just as they are. See the drop down at left, and enjoy a filling, healthy start to your day. Serving size: 8 oz.

Appetizers and Snacks

Warm Spinach Artichoke Dip

kid friendlyincludes nutslow carb

Simplify your hectic week by having a quick, tasty, greens-packed snack on hand! Our creamy Spinach-Artichoke Dip is sure to soothe your stresses away. We work our magic with sauteed local spinach and kale, garlic-roasted artichokes, a trove of spices and herbs, and a smooth puree of beans and cashews. This dip is amazing once warmed! Heating instructions and a bunch of vitamins and minerals included. Enjoy!

1 Servings $4.95

SuperSeed Crackers

kid friendlynourish signaturelow carblow salt

You know our homemade SuperSeed Crackers from our Snack Packs, and you absolutely love 'em! That's why we're now selling a six-pack of these delicious lil' guys. Each cracker is packed with oven-baked crispy-crunch, lightly sea salted flavor, and a whole lotta seeds to give you the nutrient boost you need, especially at snack time! Buy these to supplement your snack pack order, for a dip of your own, or to enjoy by themselves. They last wonderfully outside the fridge, so stock up and snack happy!

Apple Pecan Snack Bar from brüks bars

kid friendlyfreezer friendlyincludes nutslow salt

Want a tasty, healthy snack that's easy to tote and not full of added sugars, artificial ingredients, and the like? Great news! We're carrying brüks bars, made right here in Charlotte by owners Brooke and Sean, who maintain the same rigorous ingredient standards we have for Nourish. Their Apple Pecan bar is deliciously vegan, and we're so happy to be able to support both you and them by offering these bars our menu. Each bar is approximately 3" x 2" and full of flax seed, chia seeds, etc. Perfect for a healthy snack on the go. Enjoy!

Bountiful Beverages

1 Servings $6.50

SuperSeed Milk with Dates and Vanilla

nourish signaturerawlow carblow salt

We are proud to present our own line of smoothies and seed milks for your nourishment! This SuperSeed Milk takes the power of  sunflower and pepita seeds and blends them into a milk that can be used with our SuperSeed Cereals, for your baking needs, or just as a cold, refreshing, pick-me-up. Each bottle is 12 ounces of semi-sweet plant-based goodness!

1 Servings $7.50

SuperGreen Smoothie with SuperSeed Milk, Hemp, and Banana

kid friendlynourish signatureraw

Meet your new friend, SuperGreen Smoothie! Chef Julia's fav recipe for a quick breakfast, we'll be using our SuperSeed Milk as a base and blending in hemp hearts, bananas, apples, kale, spinach, a dash of lemon juice, and chia seeds. Chocked full of vitamins and nutrients and protein, this smoothie will boost your morning energy, carry you through lunch, or revitalize you for your evening! Each bottle is 12 ounces of pure magic. Enjoy!

Local Coffee from Parliament Coffee Roasters

freezer friendlylow carblow saltlow fat100 mile meal

That's right! You asked, and we listened - locally roasted fair trade coffee is now on your Nourish menu. Parliament Coffee Roasters is a small batch artisan coffee roaster located right here in town and we LOVE their roasts! Choose from Night Owl, Nutty Owl or Sleepy Owl (decaf!) and a gorgeous 12oz bag of just-roasted beans will arrive with your Nourish delivery. Easy peasy! Choose "ground" if you'd like your beans ready to go in the coffeemaker or "whole" for maximum freshness. We're now offering smaller, 4oz bags if you'd like to switch things up, and are proud to have a new roast - Ethiopia Chelchele Natural - as this quarter's featured single origin roast. 

Kombucha from Lenny Boy Brewing Co.

kid friendlylow carblow saltlow fat100 mile meal

Lenny Boy is a local, organic microbrewery that produces Kombucha, a non-alcoholic fermented beverage that's high in B-vitamins, probiotics, and amino acids. They're great for your immune system, digestive system, and overall health! They're the only certified organic kombucha made in the South East, and we're proud to offer their product on our menu. We have their classic Good Ol' Ginger, Elite Beet, and seasonal Lavenderade! Check out ingredients and nutritional information here. Each bottle is 12 fluid ounces.

Herbal Teas from Little Sey Salt Cures

kid friendlyfreezer friendlylow carblow saltlow fat

Locally sourced and compounded, beautifully balanced blends of organic herbs and MORE for your steeping pleasure - Artisanal Herbal Teas from Little Sey Salt Cures are now on your Nourish Menu! Each bulk bag of caffiene-free tea can brew up to 10 cups, and comes with a resuable tea bag. OH AND! You can now purchase individual tea bags for your easy-peasy brewin' pleasure, in packs of 4. 

Delightful Desserts

The Super Strong Coffee Tart from “The Naked Tart”

kid friendlyfreezer friendlyrawincludes nuts

Just for you, Diane has crafted a decadent chocolate crust tart that's brimming with rich, coffee filling! She uses Free Trade, organic, Arabica coffee beans that create a pure, subtle coffee taste that's perfectly balanced by chocolate. Tarts are 4" around, perfect for one or two to share. These tarts are all organic, all raw, all dairy-and-gluten-free, and all 100% delicious. Treat yourself!

Cocaditas from Viva Raw!

kid friendlyfreezer friendlyrawincludes nuts

COCADITAS! From our fabulous roomates Viva Raw, come raw, sweet treats in COOKIE FORM! Inspired by a Latin American coconut confectionary called “Cocada”, they're supa-delicious, and they're healthy, raw, vegan, and amazingly yummy! Two flavors for you to choose from: Chococaditas and (our fav) Cacao-Mint: these freeze well, so don't miss out. Stock up now, and enjoy! 2 cookies/pack.

That Vanilla from France Tart from “The Naked Tart”

kid friendlyfreezer friendlyrawincludes nuts

Confession: This vanilla tart with chocolate crust literally makes us do a happy dance! Diane is proud to source high-quality, organic Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla from a company that supports small farm collectives with fair trade practices. Small tarts are 4" and serve one to two which is perfect for you to treat yo' self or to be a bit generous and share! Large tarts are 9" and serve 10-12 for when you're feeling super giving at your next social function. Enjoy!

Special Packages and Offers

1 Servings $55.00

Italian Cuisine Cooking Class

Come and learn some of our secrets from Executive Chef Julia and Garde Manger Chef Caroline!! On Wednesday, June 7th from 6:30pm to 9pm they'll teach you quick tips and tricks to make delicious and decadent Italian food in your home. You'll leave class fed, full of skills, and with an exclusive recipe booklet. Read more here!

Farm to Table Dinner June 17th

Join us June 17th for 5 courses of nourishment amongst the verdant fields in Monroe, NC! We can't wait to see you at this year's Farm to Table Dinner and are excited to reunite with Robin and Jay at Bell's Best Berries, one of the most beautiful farms in NC. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic Sangria (white, red and in between) are included in your ticket price. More information is available here, on the blog. See you there!

Gift Certificates

Nourish Gift Certificates!

Give the gift of vibrantly healthy, delicious food! Use the drop down menu at left to purchase the number of weeks you'd like to gift, OR our new Variety Pack, and we'll email you a printable gift certificate for your recipient. Your purchase will cover the selected amount of food, plus delivery and, if you'd like, our new-customer set-up fee. Please include your email address when checking out, and not your recipient's. 'Course, recipients will be responsible for any amount over the gift certificate amount. Read the full scoop and e-mail us with questions!