1.00Newbies/first time orderers, please start here! 

Welcome to Nourish! We can't wait to serve you. Please take a minute to get the skinny before placing your first order, and then be sure to scan through the rest of the FAQs on this page for the full scoop. Thanks!

What It Is & How Much It Serves: Nourish is a prepared food delivery service. While other companies like ours may structure themselves around delivering three meals/day, our menu is completely a la carte, giving you full flexibility in what you receive. That means you can order breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or all breakfasts, or salads and soups and entrees, or whatever combination looks good to you! Whether our $50.00 per week minimum feeds you for a day, several days, or a week completely depends upon how big an eater you are, how many people are in your home, and what combination of items you select. Prices range from $4.95 - $22.95, and everything in between. (Click here for more info on pricing.)

Our Food: Everything we make and offer is plant-based & vegan (no animal products or by-products), gluten-free, processed sugar free, whole-foods based, as locally sourced as possible, and at least 85% organic/pesticide-free. You can see past menus on our blog.

When/How to View Our Menu: Our menu for the following week's delivery is posted at noon on Sundays, and unless we sell out before, the menu closes at 12:00 noon on Thursdays. If you click the "This Week's Menu" page and don't see the menu, it's already closed for the week. We definitely suggest signing up for our mailing list (via the box on the top left of any page here) and then, once you see our new-menu email come through on Sundays, order as soon as possible. Once a delivery day fills up, that day is closed. Ordering early is the way to go!

When Ordering for the First Time: When you place your first order, simply fill your basket, making sure your cart top-line (pre-tax/delivery) subtotal is at least $50.00. Click "Proceed to Cart," and continue with the secure checkout process. During this process, you will be asked to either "Log In or Register." Please click "Register" and let the system take you through an account setup process. Being signed up for our mailing list is *not* the same as having an account set up in our shopping cart system, so this is a very important step. Be sure to take note of your login name and password for future logins. Also, you will notice a one-time, $10 fee added to your first order. This is a nonrefundable, one-time fee to cover setup and packaging costs and will only appear the first time you order from our menu.

Detailed Ingredients Lists: These can always be seen while the menu is up by clicking either the photo to the left of each menu item or the title of the menu item.

Ordering/Delivery Timeline: When you are in the checkout process, you will be asked to select either Monday or Tuesday delivery for the following week. Our delivery window is anywhere between 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Please note that due to routes changing weekly, construction, traffic, weather, etc. we are not able to pinpoint your exact delivery time. 

Delivery Instructions: In the checkout process, there will also be a spot to enter Delivery Instructions. While we don't need to know how to get to you specifically (Google Maps does a great job!), it is very helpful to have details about where you'd like us to leave your food, how to get into your office building, your community's gate code, any funky things about parking on your street, etc. Please do NOT use this spot to ask us questions about your food, order, etc. We will not see it in time! Email us at Info@NourishCharlotte.com with any non-delivery related communications.

2.00Is this tree-huggin’ hippie food? Who are your customers? 

Only if you’re a tree-huggin’ hippie and you like it. :) Actually, our customers tend to be smart, savvy professionals, athletes, busy moms, etc. who are health-conscious and environmentally aware but don’t always have the time to plan/shop/cook the way they’d truly like throughout the week.

Our food also works well for individuals who have food allergies or dietary restrictions, folks who feel overwhelmed by the need to relearn how to cook or who simply don’t have the time. We also nourish those in treatment for and/or recovering from disease.

Plenty of our customers are vegan or vegetarian and try to consume as much organic/pesticide-free food as they can. Others do eat meat outside of their Nourish meals, and they appreciate the healthy balance of our meatless fare.

While we don't customize weekly menus per customer, our food naturally and easily serves all of the above. Isn't that great?!

3.00How does this work? 

It’s so easy!

  1. Sign up for our mailing list (at left) to receive notification each Sunday that our menu has posted.
  2. Simply click the menu link in your weekly email or visit our site and click on “This Week’s Menu.” Fill your basket with the items and quantities you’d like (keeping in mind the $50/order minimum and the weekly ordering deadline), and upon checkout, select your preferred delivery day for the following week, unless you are in an outlying area that has a specific delivery day. If you are in zips 29708, 28078, 28031, 28036, 28269, 28115, 28117 and 28262, your delivery day will be Monday and if you are in zips 29708, 28173 and 28104, your delivery day will be Tuesday. As mentioned in the newbie section above, the menu is completely a la carte, so you can order any combination of our entrees, soups, salads, sides, breakfasts, dressings, or desserts.
  3. Pay for your purchase via our secure system, making sure to include specific delivery instructions for our delivery staff. If you are a first-time customer, you will see a one-time, nonrefundable set-up and packaging fee.
  4. Eagerly await your delivery on Monday or Tuesday afternoon of the next week, leaving a large cooler and ice packs out in the shade if it’s a hot day and your empty insulated bag and ice packs from your last order for us to swap out with this week’s full bag.
  5. Thoroughly enjoy your meals, recycling your containers and throwing away your lettuce bags, which are compostable in the landfill.

4.00Where do you deliver? 

Currently, we deliver to the following zip codes, encompassing Davidson to Matthews in Mecklenburg County, Baxter Village in Ft. Mill, SC, Five Elements of Healing in Concord/Cabarrus County, Be Yoga South in Carmel Shopping Center, and With Pure Heart Center for the Healing Arts in Indian Trail. Note: if you do not see your zip on this list, definitely see below for several options!

  • 28025 (Concord - all Cabarrus County delivery to Five Elements of Healing, 151 Church St N, Concord)
  • 28031 (Cornelius)
  • 28036 (Davidson)
  • 28078 (Huntersville)
  • 28079 (Indian Trail - delivery to With Pure Heart Center for the Healing Arts, 625 Indian Trail Rd S, Indian Trail)
  • 28104 (Indian Trail/Weddington)
  • 28105 (Matthews)
  • 28134 (Pineville)
  • 28173 (Waxhaw)
  • 28202 (Uptown Clt)
  • 28203 (Southend/Dilworth)
  • 28204 (Eastover/Myers Park)
  • 28205 (Plaza Midwood)
  • 28206 (NE Clt)
  • 28207 (Myers Park/Eastover)
  • 28208 (Wesley Heights, West Clt)
  • 28209 (Myers Park/Myers Park Manor)
  • 28210 (S. Clt, Quail Hollow)
  • 28211 (Cotswold, Southpark)
  • 28213 (Newell, College Downs)
  • 28216 (NW Clt)
  • 28226 (Carmel Rd Area)
  • 28269 (University)
  • 28270 (S. Clt toward Matthews)
  • 28277 (Ballantyne)
  • 29708 (Baxter Village only)

We also have a map of our delivery range posted here, in our blog. Check it out!

Don't see your zip code? You have some options!

  1. Sign up for our mailing list so we know your zip code, and encourage any veg-friendly neighbors to join as well. The more folks from your zip who sign up, the more we're likely to expand into your area!
  2. Order for yourself, but have your order delivered to a friend's home or workplace who is in our delivery area. (When you check out, you have the option of specifying a different delivery address.)
  3. Have us deliver to your office, if it's in one of the zips above and meets our guideliness for office delivery.
  4. Have your order delivered to Okra (yoga studio) in Plaza Midwood, Carolinas Natural Health Center in Matthews (limited pickup hours), or Community Yoga in Cornelius, Baxter Village Health Center in Baxter Village, and pick up from there. If you choose this option, *Be sure to include their address in the "Shipping Address" section at checkout, *Make sure you're aware of the location's closing time, and *Please do not call the business to see if delivery has arrived. These locations are in operation during the day, and they've requested we don't call. Delivery will always be there by 4:00, often earlier! NOTE: These business owners are not responsible for your bag or food. They're kind enough to offer their location as a drop-off/pick-up solution, but if you don't arrive by closing time, they are not obligated in any way to refrigerate your food, call you, wait for someone to arrive after closing, etc. Please be aware of closing times, and make sure you can get there for pick-up on the day of drop off and in a timely manner. Thanks!
  5. Swing by Okra in Plaza Midwood or Healthy Home Market in Davidson. Each Tuesday, we drop off an assortment of sides, soups, and individual serving sized entrees by 1:30 or so. First come, first served!
  6. Get a friend in one of the zips above to order extra for you!
  7. Use our newly-launched site NourishDelivered.com to ship food anywhere in North Carolina!

5.00Will you deliver to my office? 

We absolutely will, as long as you work with us on the following points:

  • There must be easy and ample parking available at or very close to your building.
  • You must leave specific and clear parking & delivery instructions when you pay for your order, including how to access your building and find you.* 
  • In your delivery instructions, please be sure to include a cell phone where our driver can definitely reach you quickly and very easily if needed.
  • If you need our driver to call you when they get there, please be sure either you will be available or that you include a "plan b" number/person for our driver to reach in case you're busy. We are not able to pin point exact delivery times due to weekly routes changing, traffic, etc., so this is extra important!

* To ensure efficiency in our delivery process, we are not able to deliver to buildings/offices that require security cards for entry or remote/fee-based parking areas.

** Please note that if you are unavailable/unreachable during your delivery window and a 2nd delivery must take place as a result, that we may charge you a 2nd fee of $5 for delivery the next day.

6.00Should I tip my delivery person? 

We pay our drivers well by the hour, and in addition, part of your delivery fee goes to them for gas and vehicle wear and tear. So thank you for asking, but there’s no need to tip.

7.00I'm just ordering for myself. What are my options? 

Great question! We know it can sometimes feel challenging to meet our $50 order minimum for one person. Consider these options:

Single-Serving Size It! Our entrees, soups, sides and breakfasts come in single or double/small or large serving portion sizes, and you'll see a range of salad options each week. Lots of variety to choose from in terms of single serving sizes, which is great for individuals as well as any dishes you want as a "grab'n'go" for the office!

Freeze It! Each week, we intentionally include items in our menu that are freezeable. (You'll see this indicated with our "freezable" icon on each menu item as you order, and it's also indicated on our labeling.) Popping a few items or servings in the freezer is a great way to use your order over time, perhaps munching on a single serving size of something plus the freshest/most perishable items first, then enjoying your frozen later in the week.

Buddy Up! Got a busy, health-minded friend who loves amazingly delicious food as well? Split a weekly order with him/her! Please note that splitting an order is solely the responsibility of the customer. All orders will arrive in our standard packaging, delivered to one location. 

8.00Is your packaging safe for me, my family, and the environment? 

Yes! As with the food we use to create your Nourish meals, our packaging isn't the cheapest on the market, but it is the best we can find, for you, your family, and the environment.

We're grateful to Carolina Green Supply for helping us source and secure eco-friendly packaging that is produced by companies commited to both sustainability and quality. 

Most of our packaging comes from CuBE Plastics. These are the heavy weight, sturdy, black-bottomed containers. All are BPA-free, recyclable, reusable, microwavable, freezable, dishwasher safe, and easily stackable. While we always encourage you to use your oven and stovetop to reheat Nourish nosh, we've chosen packaging that is also safe to microwave, if you'd prefer.

All other packaging items can be recycled through our Mecklenburg County recycling program in your bi-weekly rollout bin. 

Please note: due to Mecklenburg County Health Department code, we are not able to re-use our packaging. Please feel free to clean and re-use it yourself, or recycle it.


9.00Can I re-use my Nourish insulated bag and cold packs? 

We’d appreciate it if you didn’t! While it’s in your care, your insulated bag and the cold packs inside are still the property of Nourish. When you transfer your meals to the fridge, please carefully fold up your bag with the cold packs inside, and tuck it aside for us to pick up next time. We appreciate your help in keeping these bags in great shape! 

Note: if you do not anticipate ordering again or in the near future, simply email us at Info@NourishCharlotte.com and let us know. We'll send a driver to your home on one of our next delivery days to pick it up. Alternatively, you may drop your empty bag and ice packs off at Okra in Plaza Midwood, Queen City Pantry in the Atherton Mill Market, or Carolinas Natural Health Center in Matthews. Thank you!

10.00Do you cater? 

We absolutely do!

Boxed lunches, dinner buffets, salad bars, you name it - if you're looking for organic, delicious, nutrient rich food for your party or event, you've come to the right place!

Contact us at Info@NourishCharlotte.com or 855-442-FOOD (3663) to get the conversation started. And check out our photos on Facebook to see what we've whipped up so far for some recent events!

11.00What do you mean by “healthy”? 

Healthy, to us, doesn’t always mean fat-free or even always low-cal...both terms, in our mind, that we’ve been brainwashed by in the past. What it does mean is:

  • Clean, fresh, local, whole-foods based ingredients that our bodies know what to do with and can easily digest
  • Gluten-free (but we dare you to tell the difference)
  • Dairy-free (down with inflammation!)
  • Meat-free (and we dare you to miss it)
  • Processed sugar-free (We occasionally may use organic maple syrup or another natural/minimally-processed sweetener, which we’ll always note.)
  • Healthy, monosaturated fats like coconut and extra virgin olive oil, and occasionally other oils most easily broken down in our bodies (Remember, it’s actually important to have some good fats in your diet.)
  • Lots of fresh greens and vegetables (We hope you order at least one big salad each week, if not more!)

12.00Why do you say “organic/pesticide-free”? Why not just go all organic? 

Very often, smaller farmers choose to not become “certified organic” because of the intensive time requirements, paperwork, and high cost to do so. Their food, however, is organic in all but the name, in which case, it often goes by "pesticide free."

Knowing local farmers personally is one of the best ways to insure your produce is top-notch quality and as clean and nutritious as it gets. We have taken ample time to develop solid relationships with farmers we know are providing some the most clean and nutritious produce we can find!

13.00Are your ingredients 100% local? 

Not 100%. But we use as much local produce as possible on a weekly basis throughout the year. (We figure the more, the better!)

You'll see our local approach reflected in our weekly menus, which will be built based on what's coming out of the fields that week. Naturally, that means spring/summer/fall menus will include lots more local produce than winter, but either way, we will *always* strive for 80% or more organic/pesticide-free ingredients. 

14.00What farms/farmers do you work with? 

We’re proud to be supporting our dedicated, hardworking North and South Carolina farmers, and we take pride in cultivating strong, deep relationships with those who support and believe in Nourish. Currently, our primary local contributors are Bell’s Best Berries/Put A Fork In It, and several organic farms throughout the NC/SC area who sell through our wholesale produce suppliers, Eastern Carolina Organics and Albert's Organics. You can stop by and meet Robin or Jay from Bell’s Best at the Atherton Mills Market.