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Juice Cleanses from Viva Raw

We are beyond pleased to add Viva Raw's Renewal Cleanse to our weekly menu! Included are five juices each day, which we supplement with a Nourish plant-based meal, for your enjoyment in the early evening. The meal is chef's choice but we are happy to accommodate your preferences, just let us know! 

Frequently used for:  a quick reset, preparation for a lifestyle change, anyone wanting to incorporate food: a busy parent or professional wanting to juice during the day and have a meal in the evening, the athlete needing to supplement a juice regimen with solid food.

For the 1-day cleanse, the juices you will receive are below (triple for the 3-day):

Three  Green Harvest (Cucumber • Apple • Kale • Collard Greens • Celery • Lemon • Parsley)

One Beet Boost (Beet • Apple • Carrot • Cucumber • Orange • Lemon • Parsley • Ginger)

One Carrot Patch (Apple • Carrot • Cucumber • Lemon)