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We now offer you Buchi - the perfect alternative fermented beverage from our friends in Asheville! Choose from Fire (spicy) or Legacy.

Kombucha is a fermented probiotic tea. We like to call it nature’s original soda – naturally carbonated and full of beneficial bacteria, digestive enzymes and detoxifying acids. 

Ginger Cayenne
Deliciously bold with a hint of heat, our Fire kombucha blends sparkling kombucha with organic ginger and cayenne. It fires up the senses, embodying our connection to the natural world. What's fueling your fire?

Orange Mango Sea Buckthorn
What we teach our children shapes the society we leave behind—our legacy. Our Legacy kombucha blends organic orange, mango and sea buckthorn, and is sure to have a lasting impression. What will your legacy be?