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This year's Holiday Nourishment packages are our swankiest yet!

December 03, 2021 2 min read

This year's Holiday Nourishment packages are our swankiest yet!

Every year, we endeavor to bring you the most delicious fare for your Thanksgiving and Christmas tables. Food that is not only gorgeous and tasty - but good for you, too!

And this year is no different. But there are some new dishes and items on the menu this go round, and we don't want you to miss them! So read on, and get hungry!

Shepherd's Pie with Puy Lentils and Lion's Mane Mushrooms - you know we love our sheppie 'round these parts, but one made with caramelized fennel gravy, fancy Puy lentils and Lion's Mane mushrooms from our pals at Urban Gourmet Farms? Now THAT'S fitting of a holiday table :)

Black Forest Cake Baked Oats - we're brining our chocolate cherry oats bake out to shine just in time for the cold weather. Grab you a slice or two, or get a family size to share!

Dare Vegan Cheeses - we fell in love with this team when they brought samples of their vegan brie to Plant Joy, where we now use it on all kinds of dishes. And we want you to try some too! So ONLY as part of our 2 and 4 person plans - we're adding wedges of Dare Cheese to your bags, and some crackers, for spreading. 

Select special cake slices and pastries (chef's choice) from the team at Move That Dough Baking Co - we love the MTD team to pieces, and they LOVE to create gorgeous, delicious things - but Kacie has the most fun when that process is "on the fly" so we're giving her carte blanche to make us whatever she likes, because y'all? She's always amazing!

Sausage-stuffed Mushrooms with Cashew Parmesan - you know we love you when we make a thousand stuffed mushrooms for your noshing pleasure, right? These'll be organic crimini caps stuffed with a special version of our lentil-walnut sausage mix, topped with parmesan, and baked until golden. Gonna. Be. Fab! 

....and more! That's not even all the beauty we'll be making for ya, but it sure is some of our favs.

Our A La Carte Menu, that goes live on 12/9, will have family-style versions of all these delicacies as well, if you'd prefer panned and ready to throw in the oven.

Take a peek at the preorders here - and get your order in today! There's a little discount on them now that'll go away when the A La Carte menu launches.

And happy holidays to your family from ours! We so appreciate you!

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