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The Nourish Way pt. 3 - Quality Ingredients, Sustainable Sourcing, and So Much More

March 14, 2021 2 min read

The Nourish Way pt. 3 - Quality Ingredients, Sustainable Sourcing, and So Much More

It is truly amazing how big and bustling our farm-to-fork culinary scene is here in the Carolinas. When we launched back in '12, it wasn't really - and finding a convenient way to source everything we could locally was nearly impossible. There were a LOT of early Saturday morning market trips, frantic texts, long haul runs to the Albert's Organics warehouse in South Carolina...yowza.

And now, we get so much local goodness through our friend's produce aggregate service, Freshlist, that we can hardly believe it. Their weekly list is full of the best veggies and more from all over the Carolinas, from the coasts to the mountains. Amazing. 

But when you add human hours to the format - since it isn't US driving all over heck and tarnation searching for the perfect bunch of kale for your salad greens - prices increase. And when you want to pay the human searching out that awesome kale a liveable wage, prices increase A LOT.

Did you know that we're almost to the $15 minimum base wage rate in our kitchen? We've been slowly edging towards that number for a couple of years now - and it's right there, on the horizon. We're mainly chuffed because when you pay people better, they stay around for a good long while, adding their unique creations, culture and ideologies to the mishmash of lovely goodness that is our Corporate Culture here at Nourish. And that's the whole idea, you know? Good people making good food and creating good in the world. It's why we get up (early!!) in the morning and hustle in the kitchen for you.

So, y'all - it is time. In order to ensure our people and our profit margins stay healthy and happy as we head into this new year (hello, 2021, are you really almost a quarter over already?!) we're bringing base pricing up a smidge. Packaging alone this year has increased 15%. And don't get us started on gloves - the more eco-friendly latex ones that we like have tripled in price, due to COVID. So not this menu, but the following (the one that launches 3/26), expect to see a 7 to 8% increase in menu pricing.

We promise to put that slightly wider margin to great use - feeding you beautiful, sustainably sourced food, while nourishing our staff and our community astonishingly, extraordinarily well. 

Thank you, and as always - drop us a line with any questions at all. We're here for them, and you! 

Love, Chef Julia and Team Nourish 

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