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The Nourish Way - Pt. 2 (our unofficial "Foundation")

March 06, 2021 1 min read

The Nourish Way - Pt. 2 (our unofficial "Foundation")
We often joke about our unofficial not-for-profit status.

Proudly, even, y'all. Seriously, if we can give it away - cash, food, equipment, supplies - we support places all over the county with any bounty we can muster.

It's been interesting collecting ideas that intersect the original ideologies that motivated us to start Nourish back in 2012.


Over the near decade we've been rollin' along, we've become motivated by more than just the creation of sustainable, delicious vegan fare. We've learned about how deeply we care about the planet AND its human and animal inhabitants; what creating and sustaining a truly safe workspace meant, despite the heat and hustle of an industrial kitchen; that we are all racist and have work to do to combat and grow past it; that art is essential to the mental health of our team (and most people); and so many more ideas, thoughts, and justice seeking orientations. 

All of that to say - you invest in more than just us, when you support Nourish. You help us use our work to bring about a more just and verdant world. And for that, we are so grateful. 

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