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The Nourish Way - Pt. 1 (The Humble Bodhi Bowl)

February 27, 2021 2 min read

The Nourish Way - Pt. 1 (The Humble Bodhi Bowl)

Over the next few weeks, we're going to be reminding you (or introducing you to, if you're new around here - welcome!) of some of the behind the scenes hustle at play week in-week out at Nourish World Headquarters, and why we go to so much glorious trouble to cook incredibly healthy, tasty food for you. 

So our Bodhi Bowl is not the most glamorous dish on the menu. But this meal is SO GOOD FOR YOU.

The base of many a Nourish meal plan, the humble Bodhi Bowl is quietly one of the healthiest things on the menu, for a number of reasons. Check it out:

Packed with Omega 3s and 6s, this is some great brain food;

Carb conscious choices mean slow-release energy, making it a great mid-day meal;

Always features three intentional preparations from around the Nourish menu, if not more;

Makes a great bed for a half avocado, which you likely already know;

Organic ratios at Nourish range from 70-90% depending on the dish, but the Bodhi is consistently above 90% due to its Quinoa and Massaged Kale Base. Organic produce and dry goods continue to climb in price thanks to supply chain issues this year, so this is no small feat! 

So even here, in this modestly priced bowl, Team Nourish is trying to keep you happy, healthy, and moving. It's what we're here for; fueling you with sustainable, gorgeous fare that loves equally on your body, the planet, and all those involved in the cookin'. 

It's the Nourish way, y'all. Stay tuned for the next iteration of this series next Sunday! 

Ready for more? Read all about our updated serving sizes becoming more in-line with FDA requirements here!