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The Nourish Philosophy; Our Themifesto

September 10, 2020 1 min read

The Nourish Philosophy; Our Themifesto


At Nourish, you can count on us to not only prepare and deliver delicious, gluten-free, culturally diverse vegan food, but to hold to the following values (affectionately referred to as our Themifesto) while doing so. When we say...

Sustainable, we mean resource-aware sourcing; emphasizing fair trade, organic, local, seasonal and low-carbon supply chains.

Ethical, we mean acting respectfully and responsibly towards all creatures, genders, orientations, races, cultures, ethnicities, and any other representation of life with whom we share Earth as home.

Plant-based, we mean centering plants as our only source of nutrition, wholesomeness and inspiration.

Nourishing, we mean enriching the lives of our customers and employees, as well as our community, planet, and ourselves - in every way we can.