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The Nourish Pantry is LIVE!

November 26, 2022 1 min read

The Nourish Pantry is LIVE!


Nourish Pantry items are now live :)

Each week, we'll choose a selection of sauces, elements of dishes and marinades we think you'll enjoy. Everything will always be Freezer Friendly, if you want to stock up on your favorite flavor!

Mojo marinade from our Coconut Red Beans and Rice Platter? Yep! Smoked Tofu from our Low Country Stew entree? You got it! Bechamel so you can make your own decadent gratin-style casserole? MMMHMM! We got you!

Each week's selections will change based on the menu, so check back often and see if one your your favey flavors is up for snaggin'.

We love making it easy for you to eat well AND experiment in the kitchen!

Ready for more? Read all about our catering offerings here, on the blog!