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Ready to kick start your health with a Nourish Cleanse? Read on for the hows and whys!

July 08, 2018 3 min read

Ready to kick start your health with a Nourish Cleanse? Read on for the hows and whys!

(This is a brief excerpt from our Cleanse Guide. Once a cleanse package is purchased, we email a longer form version of this guide to each cleanse participant to help make their experience the best it can be!)

The Nourish cleanse is your opportunity to experience what cultures around the world have practiced for thousands of years: various forms of cleansing and fasting as a way to rejuvenate health and to find peace. In very simple terms, you will be flooding your body with nutrients and giving it a short break from the work of digesting heavy, processed foods. This lets your body heal itself. 

We have two cleanse packages available. Kick start your health with The Nourish Starter Cleanse, or fully revitalize with The Nourish Master Cleanse. Each cleanse contains breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a full 5 days, plus snacks and a cleanse guide to help you along the way. The Starter Cleanse is best for those new to a plant-based diet as it contains entrees and more dense food for a smoother transition. The Master Cleanse is more of a challenge and focuses on light foods, tonics, and soups for weight loss and detoxing. Read more about our cleanses here.

If you're thinking about the possibility of starting your cleanse but aren't sure if you're ready, read on for details on the dos and don'ts and always feel free to reach out to us at 855-442-FOOD or Info@NourishCharlotte.com.


Everyone’s cleanse is unique, but here are a few things you might encounter:

The easy part: 
Better sleep
More energy 
Weight loss 
Greater mental clarity 

The harder part:
Chalky tongue
Upset stomach

You won’t experience all this, and we don’t mean to alarm you. Just keep in mind that your body is stirring up toxins that can cause you to feel under the weather at times. It will pass and then you will be glad that you stuck it out. Keep in mind that the first day or two can be the most difficult and then it gets easier - much easier!


Rest is when the body does most of its healing and cleansing. This is a great time to slow down and be in tune with signals your body is sending, perhaps telling you to go to bed earlier or even take a nap in the middle of the day, if possible. This slower pace runs counter to western culture but will greatly improve the effectiveness of your cleanse.

Massage helps to clear toxins from muscle and fat tissue and vital organs. A massage at the end of your cleanse can be especially good for flushing out toxins that have been stirred up during the cleanse. Remember to drink plenty of water immediately following your massage to help the process along. We work with Fauna Massage frequently and highly recommend her.

Light aerobicexercise promotes blood circulation and therefore further flushing of toxins and other waste. However,this is not the time to overexert yourself as a large part of the purpose for cleansing is to let the body rest. A challenging workout will only increase stress on the body and defeat the purpose. If you wear a heart rate monitor, do not go above zone 2 during your workout (mostly zone 1) and limit it to about 30 minutes. Walking, biking, and gentle yoga are good choices here, especially first thing in the morning to jumpstart your metabolism.

Sunshine will very simply make you feel good. Twenty minutes each day is all you need, although more is great if you are able. The natural Vitamin D can greatly improve your mood.

With all of these tips and MORE included in the Cleanse Guide, as well as constant support from your team here at Nourish, cleansing is not only attainable but also an enjoyable experience, sure to give you some fantastic results. Order your cleanse today and reach out with any questions!

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