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The NEW Nourish Reset!

January 28, 2023 2 min read

The NEW Nourish Reset!

Habits are SO POWERFUL. Daily habits? The most powerful of all!

One of the things that's hardest about bad food habits is breaking the routine - if you've ever been a sweets-before-bed type, you know just what I mean. If you're used to a little sugar happiness at a certain time each day, and you indulge long enough, eventually it ends up becoming essential - and BOOM, a "bad" habit is formed. 

As a chef and someone who grew up with some pretty unhealthy food habits, this is something I've been thinking on (and working through, in part thanks to Nourish!) for most of my life. What *does* a really healthy relationship with food and eating look and feel like? And how can I catch myself and break out of unhealthy cycles if they DO form?

The answer for me? REMOVE WHATEVER IS FUELING THE UNHEALTHY HABIT. Going on a "cleanse" is my go-to for when I don't feel entirely in control of what I'm putting in my body any more.

The two packages we've carefully built and tweaked over the years - our Master and Starter Cleanses - are pretty fab. The Master is for those already following a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet that simply want a lighter, more liquid-based experience for 5 days. This is a more challenging cleanse, and is hard for me, even if I prepare by stopping my consumption of sugar/wine/coffee the week prior.

The Starter Cleanse is deceiving - while I consider myself a healthy eater, I do have a thing for organic dark chocolate, snacking at night, and coffee. Whooooo coffee. So following that cleanse to a T and not deviating? Not as easy as it sounds.

But give me a 3 day period and I can pretty much resist anything; sugar, chocolate, vino and coffee included. I won't say easily, because ditching your crutches never is - but 3 days is a "doable" time for me. And thus, the 3 Day Reset was born!

We follow the Raw Until 5 ideology with this plan, then end the day with a warm meal and tea from our new friends at Five Goddess Farm. Snacks and healthy sweets are included, to make the experience more enjoyable. All of that for a mere $53 a day - which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, tea, and beverages - is a steal. Comes with a guide, our congratulations on taking the plunge, and of course our encouragement, as you Reset whatever habits you're needing a break from.

Whether you're new to cleansing, an experienced cleanser, or just looking for a change, this is a great package to try. If you do, please let us know how you like it, and congrats to you on making some change where needed :)

Love, Chef Julia 

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