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Thanksgiving Nourishment!

October 23, 2021 2 min read

Thanksgiving Nourishment!

AH YES, our favorite menu of the year IS HERE! The menu that earned us our first 2-star review on Yelp - "too many casseroles, even for Thanksgiving" it read. Well y'all, it's that time again - time to revel in where healthy meets decadent; where eating your veggies can indeed still make you need a nap; and where locally, sustainably sourced ingredients grown right around the corner mingle with imported delicacies that only show up on our menu once a year.

The Nourish Thanksgiving Extravaganza is here! And you betta believe it is a straight up casserole WONDERLAND.

This year, we're featuring a few new dishes and some well loved classics. Here's the highlights:

Chef Linz's Candied Yams 

You know that's right! Our first debut of whipped candied yams comes to us from the mind of our Sous Chef Lindsay! These are going to be amazing, topped with our creme anglaise (aka, melted marshmallow) and buried under candied pecans. We can't wait! 

Moussaka featuring BVQ from our pals at Barvecue

We love the team at BVC and we can't wait to whip up our crowd favey Moussaka with their plant-based protein. Topped with our Bechamel and baked until bubbling, this is one of the three mains you'll receive in the two person or four person package. 


From the steamin' of the beans to the makin' of the mushroom chowder, we gotcha all fixed up with this healthy-ish side. And we're working our soy-free magic on 'er too! 

Our Polenta Stuffin' with Lentil-Sunflower "Sausage"

We do fun stuff with polenta at Nourish World Headquarters as you know! And this little dish is a great example of how versatile polenta can be. Roasted chunks of organic housemade polenta are tossed with a saute of celery, fennel and greens, then our baked lentil-sunflower seed "sausage" is scattered across  the top! Everything gets a good ladle of homemade vegetable stock over top to keep everything nice and tender. MMM. 

Cheeses from Viva Raw 

You know we love our cheese at Nourish, and homemade, organic, locally sourced vegan cheese? EVEN BETTER! This year, our 4-person package comes with a Variety Wheel and crackers for snackin'. 

And that's not all that awaits you this year! Peep the full menu here - and remember, you're welcome to order A La Carte if you'd rather! That menu opens November 11th and is open until the 18th - we'll have family options of almost every item on that menu, as well!

WE ARE SO THANKFUL FOR YOU! And excited to cook for you and yours for your special gathering. Cheers!

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