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Support Small Business, round two!

August 14, 2020 2 min read

Support Small Business, round two!
Say it with us now!

We will NOT spend all our money at Whole Foods.

We WILL support small, locally owned and operated businesses.

We LOVE our local, hard working entrepreneurs and want to see them thrive!

Truly, now more than ever, choosing to spend your money at local shops, bakeries, restaurants and *ahem* meal delivery services means everything.

Regular support is how small businesses weather the tough times (THANK YOU 'RONA, THAT'LL BE ENOUGH) and blossom and innovate during the good times. It's you! You are both our muse and our support system. It's you we think about when coming up with weird new ideas or improvements. It's YOU who we are grateful for (SO GRATEFUL!) when you leave a glowing review. And if you take a second out of your day to reach out and tell us how much you're glad we're here? It's you who makes us feel like we've found our calling. To create systems, items, foods and services that make people happy, while making the world a better, more just, and more healthy place.

Ready to make someone's day? Check out all the vegan food makers and bakers on this handy Google Map!Many of them are on delivery services like DoorDash or Postmates, and all can do call ahead ordering and contactless pickup, if you so desire. Did you see The Charlotte Agenda also compiled a list of vegan eats a few weeks back, too? (thanks for the shout out y'all!)

We did want to take a second to highlight Charlotte's very newest spot - Sanctuary Bistro - and the tasty, upscale, gluten free menu they're rolling. Hit them up if you haven't already! And don't sleep on the Broccoli Souffle - it's super special (pictured above, smothered in shiitake bacon!!). You can snag one of their bake-at-home baguettes here!

We also wanted to brag on Lee and her team at the Greener Apple. Her entire selection is on her Squaresite, and she can pack it up and have it ready for you within an hour of your order. Love that place!

Are we missing someone? Drop us a line at info at nourishcharlotte dot com! Or, edit the map yourself if you're tech saavy - it's a wiki!

And check out the myriad small businesses you get to support by ordering Nourish, here!