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Starter Cleanse Journey With Sarah!

January 14, 2023 3 min read

Starter Cleanse Journey With Sarah!

Last week, our friends Katie & Sarah over at Bloom Movement Artistry each did one of the Nourish cleanses. Sarah is a fitness instructor, entrepreneur and very active lady who doesn't eat very much regularly and has a mean sweet tooth. She had done both the Master and Starter Cleanse previously. In fact, Katie & Sarah usually start their year off with this as a reset and let us follow along on their journey!

As a quick aside, we wanted to give you a little nibble of a bigger announcement that will be coming. We're partnering with Five Goddess Farms to provide teas for the Nourish menu, as well as the cleanses. This local business is owned by Ashley Masters of Ashley Masters Healing Arts, who is going to be our resident apothecary! How amazing is that?! 

Today, we're checking in with Sarah to find out about her cleanse experience this time. 

Which cleanse did you do? The Starter Cleanse

Did you prepare at all for your cleanse? If so, how? Not super well, but I did eat nourish for dinner on the day before and started increasing my water intake two days prior. 
Did you have apprehension about the cleanse at all? If so, what were your worries? I had no apprehension at all. I felt like, since I had done Nourish cleanses in the past, I would have no issues. 
How did you feel on:
Day 1: Light headed/ weak/ lethargic
Day 2: Same as day 1
Day 3: Started to have a sense of clear headedness. Like, I had been living in brain fog for quite some time and was coming out of it. Still felt a little lethargic, but better than the two previous days. 
Day 4: Wow. I felt so strong this day. I felt like a whole different person, actually. My brain felt clear, I felt strong, and  lighter. 
Day 5: I felt really, really good this day. I felt like I had a lot of energy and power and I felt very strong and hungry. I have a problem that I don't often feel hunger, but this cleanse definitely helped kick start my metabolism. 
What were the most difficult parts of cleansing? Not drinking coffee, and eating more often than my body is used to.
Did you feel like you had enough food throughout the 5 days? Absolutely. 
What did you notice (if anything) changed in your body over the cleanse? I definitely lost 8 pounds from the cleanse and my waist size decreased almost two inches. It reminded me that I often eat a lot of foods which are inflammatory. Eating so clean over those five days, gave my body the time it needed to get rid of all of the crazy toxins that come with eating processed foods and sugars. There was a decrease in some of my usual pain.
What did you notice (if anything) changed in your mind over the cleanse? I had an overall awareness increase. I felt more present in my mind and body. 
Would you do a Nourish cleanse again?  Yes, absolutely!
Each cleanse experience is unique and as Sarah found out, the cleanse prep is something that can help ease any discomfort you may have as you move through the cleanse. Interested in taking the step towards a reset for your body and mind? Grab your Starter or Master Cleanses today and remember, cleansing is more fun with a friend!