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Recovery Mode; Engage!

November 21, 2019 2 min read

Recovery Mode; Engage!

Well, Thanksgiving looms...and honestly? I feel like I've had three Thanksgivings already. Headed to the the third dinner date on my calendar last week, I thought to myself...dang...I really just want a salad and a glass of water tonight....

We tend to let go of SO many of our dietary commitments during this season of plenty. And that makes us feel depleted, which (for me anyways) makes us feel sad, which means I might overeat, or eat something I normally wouldn't. I can be a very emotional eater.

So, that's why, even with the eatiest holiday of the year still a few days away, we're asking you to think about your health and get an order for delicious, healthy fare in for delivery next Monday.

Feeling bloated and heavy can be such a bummer. That's why this post-T-day menu is packed full of fiber, vegetables and contains zero inflammatory ingredients. No simple carbs or sugars here, y'all - just a whole bunch of protein, fiber, and selectively chosen fats. The stuff you need to ROCK YOUR WEEK, and put those Thanksgiving indulgences behind you. Check out a few of your options:

Deconstructed Burrito Bowl with Avocado Pico and Cauliflower Rice Verde

The stats on this guy are through the roof! Check out that Vitamin A and fiber.

Panang Curry Bowl with Tempeh Krapow

HELLO protein! And good fats! And again, Fiber!

Elote Kale Salad

this might be the funnest (ok, that's not really a word) salad you'll ever enjoy. We literally toss local, organic kale with Nacho Cheese. Who could possibly confuse this with health food? Except SURPRISE it totally is, look at the stats.

Satay Tofu Platter

Probably one of my favorite mid-day meals (and not gonna lie, I usually nosh a large all by myself) because it fills me up, KEEPS me full, and doesn't make me tired. I can enjoy this at 1130a and move, move move and not need to eat again until late evening. ALSO a protein super star!

And that's just half the menu, y'all - the rest is packed with lovely, healthy stuff as well - as is our usual MO.

So! Put that sluggishness behind ya as fast as possible. Nourish is here to help!

Chef Julia

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