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Read about the many local artisans, farmers, makers and bakers represented in this year's Thanksgiving Spread!

November 12, 2022 3 min read

Read about the many local artisans, farmers, makers and bakers represented in this year's Thanksgiving Spread!

10 Thanksgiving Deliveries. 10!

The first Nourish Thanksgiving was a whole decade ago. And a much smaller affair - word of mouth was the main way people knew about the (at the time) Google Doc ordering form, and the menu was TINY.

And here we are - a whole decade later, cooking with some of the regions most amazing products, featuring some of our state's most vital farms, and delivering some of our city's finest baked goods, cheeses, gluten free breads, desserts, and more!

One of the best parts about being in business a whole decade is becoming experts on our local culinary terroir. And so we know - who's growing the tastiest shiitakes? Who's behind the best v/gf potpies in town? Who's creating organic cheesecakes of a quality not yet seen in town?

And that love, and knowledge, and community access, is all over this year's Thanksgiving Delivery Menu.


Kale, this time of year, hails from our pals at Boy + Girl Farms - they grow the crispiest, curliest kale you ever did see. They're also Sunchoke afficianados, and grow the region's tastiest. 

Pea Shoots - our fav curly garnish and nutritional POWERHOUSES, hail from Tega Hills Farm - our areas oldest hydroponic operation. 

Mushrooms - from our pals at Urban Gourmet Farms! Hiram and Co. are pretty much our favorite muses EVER and we are so so lucky to have access to their Foine Shroomies.

Tempeh - from our pals just to the north, Smiling Hara in Asheville! We love the tempeh this woman-owned operation puts out and are proud to have them as our House Tempeh. 

Miso - it is amazing that we have access to the country's finest Miso maker via our pals at Freshlist. This stuff is pure gold, and is soy free to boot! It is a key ingredient in our Butternut Mac and Cheese sauce.


Cakey Organics - what's not to love? Tiff and Co make tantalizingly tasty Cheezecakes with ONLY 100% organic ingredients.

the Naked Tart - our OG dessert hook up! Diane's tarts continue to fly off our shelves and for good reason - they're delish, decadent, and affordably priced.

Sanctuary Bistro - our lovely neighbors to the south! We're proud to host theit GF Bake at Home Baguette on this week's menu :)

Harris and Ruddock - our former roomates and besties Viva Raw are rebranding their vegan dairy line - stay tuned for all the deets! This week's offerings are their Fennel Chipotle Cheese and Pepperjack (both Chef J's faveyfaves!)

The Thoughtful Baking Co - GLUTEN FREE POT PIES Y'ALL. Don't sleep on this special offer! 

Dare Vegan Cheese - hailing from just outside AVL, we adore this woman-owned company and all the crazy inventive flavors they offer. Fig balsamic is SO GOOD we had to pull it into our Thanksgiving bundles this year. 


Now we can get VERY EXCITED about everyone else's artistry, but we're just as excited about the three main courses we're offering you on this year's A La Carte menu:

Tempeh 'Meatloaf' - made with local tempeh, mushrooms, tomatoes, and a bazillion other umami-building ingredients, we glaze this loaf with apple butter before baking to engage EVERY part of your palette. Tasty and DELISH!

Jamaican Patty Shephard's Pie - this one's a bit different, a bit off the beaten TDAY flavor path, but dang is she GOOD. The gravy is Chef J's favorite to make - orange juice, coconut milk, coconut aminos and smoked salt combine to form absolute magick. Don't miss out on a slice!

Lasagna Bechamel with Fall Squashes - think - thick, delicious slabs of local artisanal squashes (delicata, acorn, and of course butternut) given the roast treatment, seasoned with a bit of salt, nutmeg and clove, and then layered in between organic GF pasta with our house lemony, cheesy Bechamel. We've never made you a lasagna at Thanksgiving before, and honey, you need to try this one!

Well y'all, if you aren't hungry NOW, we don't know what'll get ya there! Snag your order before Thursday 11/17 at noon and we'll be along the following Monday or Tuesday (your choice) with your Thanksgiving bounty.

Thanks for letting us feed you again this year!

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