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Plant Joy opens November 24th, 2020!

October 17, 2020 2 min read

Plant Joy opens November 24th, 2020!


We'll be running lunch service Tuesday and Wednesday, then we'll be open all day Saturday and for lunch Sunday. After that, we'll be on our normal schedule! 

Plant Joy will be located in the Gama Goat building of Camp North End, moving into the final food stall there with a slated opening of November 24th. Although sharing many of the Nourish principles and ingredient guidelines (we will not be 100% gluten-free but we almost everything will have a gluten-free option), this will be its very own business with Sara Whittlesey (chef) and Shirley Griffin (front-of-house manager) running the day-to-day. While some of the fan-favorite Nourish Charlotte dishes may make a debut at Plant Joy, you will experience new menu items now that we are able to do more with temperatures and textures beyond what can be accomplished with delivered meals. Expect rich, bright flavors and colors that highlight nature’s bounty in and near the Charlotte region. 

“The phrase ‘plant joy’ has been a personal mantra of mine this year as both an action and a direction.” - Chef Julia

“It’s a reminder to make joy happen now, to plan for it in the future and to return to the earth for our most favorite meals. At Plant Joy, we hope to honor plants and all they offer both in terms of culinary creations and karmic energy."

As with every project that we are involved in, we are committed to giving back to the community, to sustainable and low-waste food practices, and to sourcing food locally and ethically. We will bring our low-to-no-waste ideology to Plant Joy and continue to support several nonprofit organizations including our partnership with Feed the Movement. Plant Joy will also source from a variety of local farms through Freshlist, including Bell’s Best Berries, Boy and Girl Farm, and the farm network operated under the Charlotte Herbal Accessibility Project.

To say we are excited would be an understatement! We have been dreaming of this day for a long time and we can't wait to have the opportunity to share our love with you, in the form of more nourishing food. 

It's official! We'll be ready to see you at the window on November 24th, at 11am.

Rainbow Toast 6
Soup Du Jour 7 (just soup 6) 
Mershroom Croissant 9  
Polenta Fattoush 10
Yam and Cheese 10
Grilled Greens 10
Socca and Salad 11
Salad Du Jour 12
Nice Caesar 13
Quiche Du Jour 13
Falafel Tower 13
Pay What You Can Plate (prices vary)

Falafel Mountain 22
Rainbow Platter 24

Kimchi Ranch 1
Aphrodite Dressing 1
Chili Oil 1
Quinoa Pepita Pilaf 4
Sesame Massaged Kale 4
Tangy Leaves 4
Cauliflower Picatta 5
Chickpeas and Friends 5
Pickle Plate 5
Scoop of Beet, Smoked or Zhoug Hummus, or Chorizo 3
Seeded Croutons 2
Shiitake Kebab 4
Socca 4
Fresh Baked Croissants 4
Pastries from Move That Dough 4

Juices and Wellness Shots from Viva Raw  
   Green Harvest 7
   Pure Green 8
   Beet Boost 8
   Greatfruit 8
   Carrot Patch 7
   Turmeric/Ginger Shot (aka, Liquid Sunshine) 5
Sparkly Cucumber 2
CBD Teas by Vybes 9
CBD Seltzer by Untitled Arts 4
Herbal Teas from Little Sey Salt Cures 4
Teas from Stash 3
Izze Sodas 3
Halva Hot Chocolate 4  

Follow Plant Joy on Facebook or Instagram for updates and sneak peeks. We will see you in November!

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