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Our Thanksgiving Menu is live - preorder now for delivery November 23rd or 24th!

October 26, 2020 1 min read

Our Thanksgiving Menu is live - preorder now for delivery November 23rd or 24th!

It's our favorite menu of the year - our Thanksgiving menu!

Every year, we pack our Thanksgiving menu with the most decadent, intricate dishes we can possibly think of.

We want to showcase how delicious vegan food can be - not only to you (since we know you already get it!) but to your loved ones as well, since so many of you pack up your Nourishment and take it with you on your travels. 

Well, tell you what - this year is no exception. We've perfected casseroles, tweaked sauces and added an extra entree AND side dish to round out your holiday table. Because we love you. And decadent vegan food, of course. And uh, hey - don't forget salad - it's on the menu for a reason!

We have crowd favorites like our Tempeh Loaf, Jamaican Patty Shepherd's Pie, Brussels Sprouts in BechamelMoussaka, Cranberry-Pomegranate Compote alongside Butternut Mac and Cheeseand new this year - Cinnamon Buns from Move That Dough! And oh so much more.

So go ahead - reserve your spot on our favorite menu of the year here, by preordering.And don't worry - we'll be offering A La Carte menu ordering the week prior to the holiday, if you'd rather :) but be aware that some super special local features (like those cinnamon rolls mentioned above) will only be available in our packages. 

Questions? Let us know! And as always, thank you for trusting your most special meals to Team Nourish <3