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Our Partnership with Jessica Barrett, RDN, LDN

December 18, 2020 2 min read

Our Partnership with Jessica Barrett, RDN, LDN

We've happily had Jessica (or Jess, as we affectionately shorten her moniker) in the Nourish family for a number of years. From administrative assistance while she was in school, to helping us at events, to our most recent relationship - having her eyes on nutritional data week in week out - we've always loved working with her. 

Lately, she's been pushing us to really examine what "healthy" means at Nourish.

And it's been quite the experience! Sodium, and it being overconsumed in the Standard American Diet, is one of Jessica's main points of focus and folks? We had some work to do there, for sure. If you've noticed a much lighter hand sodiumwise these last months, it is Jess you can thank for it. She's also had us take an intentional look at every dish, every week that flags high in salt or fat and given us tips on how to take some of the caloric or sodium load off the dish but still keep flavors at 100%. Those edits are made real-time to the database and the weekly recipes, are taken to the production floor to cook, and that dish goes out the door healthier from then on. We've also paid special attention to our use of coconut oil and have cut it by 60% across the board. Salt is down 50%. All to the betterment of all of our health!

We're excited to offer this new facet of health and trust to the products you've come to love. If you have feedback on flavors shifting, or how you're feeling, please drop us a line.
Meantime, meet Jessica - our new resident RDN! Her bio is below:

Jessica Barrett is a registered dietitian, mom of two daughters, and a vegan chef. She specializes in vegan/plant-based nutrition for conception, pregnancy, early childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Her approach to nutrition counseling is meeting her clients where they are, allowing them to set their own goals. She became vegan for the animals and soon realized the health benefits that came along with a plant-based diet. Some of her favorite things to cook are Cuban food, such as, Carne(less) con Papas (meat with potatoes), Puerto Rican Arroz con Frijoles (rice and beans), Empanadas, and Pierogis. These have been staples in her diet since become vegan over 8 years ago.

Jessica studied at Winthrop University receiving a bachelor’s degree in human nutrition. Upon graduating, she attended Winthrop’s dietetic internship program studying clinical, community, and food management. While attending Winthrop, she worked at Nourish Charlotte, first doingadministrative work and quickly wiggled her way into the kitchen to work alongside some of our amazing chefs.

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