Okra and Gumbo - Our Plaza Midwood Retail Partners

April 29, 2018 1 min read

Okra and Gumbo - Our Plaza Midwood Retail Partners

Our whole team loves Plaza Midwood. When Nourish launched in 2013, Eco-Licious was our first retail location. This lovely vegan store stood in a historic home on Commonwealth Avenue, and acted as a hub of health and wellness. It closed its doors a few years ago, but it's spirit lives on.


As we grew, we partnered with Okra, a quaint and quiet yoga studio right next door to our first retail drop-off spot. Okra has since grown into a flourishing local business, opening up a sister store called Gumbo right next door, where Eco-Licious had been! We're now stocking the coolers at both locations with entrees, sides, salads, dips, and breakfast  items for you to grab a full meal, or just pick up a snack to get you through the day. Sit and enjoy your meal in any one of their spaces, or take it to go! 


If you haven't checked out these lovely spots, we highly encourage that you stop in. Take a relaxing and rejuvenating yoga class at Okra, or if you're in the market for gifts, athletic wear, beauty products or other local goodies, stop into Gumbo and check out their selection. We love our partners and we know that you will too!

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