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Morgan's Starter Cleanse Reflections

January 23, 2018 3 min read

Morgan's Starter Cleanse Reflections

Hey, my name is Morgan and I'm Nourish's new marketing intern. My relationship with food has always been challenging. I grew up with divorced parents and from one house to the other, our meals changed drastically. Looking back, these competing experiences with food between the homes is probably what made my overall relationship with food so confusing. I recall growing up, sitting at lunch tables, eating huge chocolate chip cookies, chicken nuggets with mayo and ketchup for dipping sauce, and multiple servings of fries. I was as disengaged from my body as most of the middle schoolers around me. However, I then hit high school and began to start feeling the impact of what I was eating. Since then, I have been in the constant process of trying to figure out what fuels my body best. This process at times is often exhausting and the results are always changing. Participating in Nourish’s Starter Cleanse was the perfect way to realign with my body and gain a better understanding of what works best for me. When I had the opportunity to participate, I was ready to jump in and see what it was all about. 

        After receiving the cleanse guide, in all honesty, I was nervous. The only things I could focus on were all the things I couldn’t have: refined grains, processed sugar, caffeine. Although I eat relatively healthy, I wouldn’t say I was healthy enough to meet all the precleanse standards without adjustment. I knew it would take some adjustment. I eat small meals throughout the day and often these meals are not as balanced as the meals on the cleanse were. I do not eat raw greens or salads often and I drink coffee daily. The cleanse, which eliminated caffeine, emphasized leafy green vegetables, and was built around three daily meals, did diverge from my usual diet. Adjusting to these changes and relinquishing control over what I ate proved to be difficult. However, I found that at the end of the night, I always felt energized and fulfilled. I tried to mindfully eat throughout the cleanse, but even when I wasn’t able to achieve this, the cleanse helped me better understand the kinds of habits I’ve unconsciously developed around food and helped me question those habits. The cleanse catalyzed me to unpack the relationship I have with food and health.

       After the five days, I slowly incorporated foods I had missed in my diet and took careful notice of how I felt. With grains back into my body, I felt slow and sluggish. Relying on all small meals to fuel me caused hunger at the end of the night and I always wanted to end the night with something sweet: these observations are powerful to know and acknowledge. Participating in the cleanse allowed for these insights. I valued getting a chance to enjoy delicious foods, disengage from my usual habits, and truly be intentional in deciding how I want to fuel my body daily. I appreciated the support and accountability that was created through Nourish and I am happy to be unpacking these thoughts and ideas with you all now. Although I am sure that I will still continue to examine my experience and lessons from the cleanse, even just these initial insights made the pain of missing peanut butter and coffee all the more worth it. Nourish’s Starter Cleanse was an excellent way to jump start my relationship with food as I began the New Year, and helped me decide that this year I will be mindful and engaged with my body when it comes to food. What could an intentional five days do for you? What goals would the Starter Cleanse help you achieve or jump start?