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Myriad Modalities of Healing

January 03, 2021 2 min read

Myriad Modalities of Healing

When I think about what we do at Nourish, the first word that comes to mind is heal.

Doesn't mean that we're MDs (although we do have our lovely Jess on staff, keeping us on top of our nutrient density and sodium usage!). It just means that in all things we do, we try to mend, love on, show compassion towards, make better. Heal.  

It's been strange, hasn't it? Watching the country polarize over the simple question, what are the best ways to protect against COVID-19? I've seen it in our local wellness community; people I've known to be healers and workers for good, declare that wearing a mask is nothing more than a psych-op, a flag of submission, or a tool to "lower our vibrations". I've had xenophobic conversations decrying science as a religion, in which pro-vaccine doctors play the role of Islamic fundamentalists. I've been told my employees should sue me for requiring them to wear a mask while at work. I've read opinions that the only reason the lockdowns occurred was to facilitate the world-wide takeover of international corporations (like Amazon) at the purposeful destruction of our small-and-medium-sized businesses. That the coronavirus vaccine is nothing more than an agent to carry human-tracking nano-microchips. And more.

So. Much. Irrationality. There is no balance in this thinking, only violent, gut reaction. Gut reactions, or instincts, are an important guide for us humans, but the yang to instinct's yin is rationality. And using them both when taking in new information is key.

This balanced mindset forms the basis of how we think about food as a tool for healing at Nourish. We believe in holistic wellness and all the ancient knowledge contained therein; in Ayurveda, and its lessons on eating for your body type; in Chinese medicine, and its glorification of medicinal mushrooms. But we believe in science also - in the Anti-Inflammatory, Kidney and FODMAP diets, for example - or the new research on coconut oil, pointing out that we don't know the long-term effects of daily consumption - and that by continually learning and weaving the myriad modalities available to us to heal ourselves, our communities, and our planet together, we create something revolutionary; a sustainable system, built by the people, for the people, always learning, always thinking, based in ancient practice and modern knowledge, that nourishes everything it touches.   

This means you might see any one of us sage-ing the kitchen, in a mask, before reading everyone's horoscopes at Team Meet, while discussing their vaccination appointment next week, and the juice cleanse they're on this week!

We're a big, eccentric team, but we do know one thing - we care about our fellow humans, and will go out of our way to protect each other from harm. Wearing a mask is just good common sense to us. As is loving on our immune systems with all the sunshine-y vitamin D they can handle and eating wholesome, plant based foods, to keep our bodies happy and healthy. One does not cancel out the other - the two enhance each other to form a greater good.

Stay well, stay rational, and stay balanced, friends!

Love, Chef Julia 

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