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Minimizing our Plastic Consumption

June 05, 2021 1 min read

Minimizing our Plastic Consumption
We are noticing something odd lately - a good many of our bags (and thus, ice packs) aren't making it back to home base!

Now we know they're cute ;) and good at keeping stuff cold. But returning your Nourish cooler isn't just helpful to your fav small biz trying to keep budgets tight and our new customer fee small, it also helps us consume less plastic. 

There aren't a good many places we pinch pennies on quality here at Nourish - but our bags aren't our favorite part of the system. They're polypropylene - if they made it into the nearby landfill, or somewhere else unintentional, it'd take 'em a good thousand years to biodegrade. We like them because they are efficient at keeping what's inside of them cool - but they aren't great for the planet.

When one of them breaks or becomes not fit for public consumption, we use them for in-house food transport or donate them, giving some of them a third, fourth or fifth life. 

So, gentle reminder - we'd love to snag our bags on your next delivery! Or swing by for them, if you don't plan on ordering soon. And remember also - you can always put your clean Nourish containers in your bag and return them to home base, so that we can donate them or recycle them properly! 

Thanks, as always, for helping us keep our footprint on the planet as tiny and loving as possible!

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