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Keepin' your delivery safe in the summer heat, plus an update on #5 recycling!

July 25, 2020 2 min read

Keepin' your delivery safe in the summer heat, plus an update on #5 recycling!
As we head into the hottest days of summer, we wanted to remind you of some tips and tricks to keep your Nourish delivery as safe as possible!

We are still being advised not to use our reusable cooler bags, so all deliveries will be made in our recyclable bags until further notice, as per the advice of our local Health Department. 

1. The best tactic to keep your food cold is leaving us a cooler with ice in it. If there's no ice in a cooler and it stays closed all day, it can get as hot as an oven in there, so we don't use empty/hot coolers if those are left out for us.

2. If you don't have a cooler, we can bring you one to reuse! Our driver would put your delivery inside the new cooler each week if you leave it out for us, and it would be yours to keep for the duration of the COVID situation. They're better at keeping temperature than our regular paper bags, but they work best when iced! Let us know if you're interested in this option by dropping us a line to info at nourishcharlotte dot com.

3. Delivery instructions can be changed so that your driver calls you or texts you upon delivery, so you can snag your bag and get your nosh into the fridge post haste! Remember, we do NOT ring doorbells unless instructed to. 

Our #5 recycling program is on hiatus as well, again, per advice from our local Health Department. But all is not lost! Thanks to customer Lisa Proud, we are sharing details on Envision Charlotte's PPE recycling program below. PLEASE only bring the Black Bases to the drop off location, however, as the labels make the tops impossible to recycle. Read more about the program below.


Envision Charlotte has figured out a way to put our takeout containers to great use -- PPE!  Envision Charlotte is collecting plastic takeout containers and using newly acquired machinery to turn them into filament for 3D printers. Envision Charlotte will then donate that filament to those producing face shields for frontline medical workers.  Residents can donate their washed takeout containers using receptacles placed at 7th Street Market or 1105 Otts St.  Please find more information at: https://envisioncharlotte.com/circular-charlotte/plasticslab/


There is now a drop off spot for the Envision program at 7th Street Market, as well! PLEASE only bring them Black Bases - the labels affixed to the clear lids mean they can't be recycled. 

Remember! Supporting small businesses like ours means helping to make the system run smoothly, and making sure you've got a system that works to keep your food safe and fresh amidst the chaos of the times is greatly appreciated. Leaving us a cooler with ice, or having us bring you a brand new cooler to put out each week, or having our drivers text upon delivery if you're working from home - you have multiple options to make sure you stay Nourished and stress free!

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