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It's OFFICIAL! Nourish expands to NYC!

September 19, 2020 1 min read

It's OFFICIAL! Nourish expands to NYC!
We are so, SO excited to announce that our first official expansion is set to launch in just a few weeks - in New York City!

A talented and favorite former employee (the lovely Chef Craig Linthicum, whom you'll remember if you came to our events, dinners or classes between 2013 + 2015) moved to the city a few years back and after working in a bunch of kitchens, consulting on all kinds of menus and putting in the work, Craig has decided to launch his own chapter of Nourish - Nourish NYC!

The same menu and delivery system, website, stellar food ideologies and worldview will be in place, but we can't WAIT to see what Chef Craig and team create amidst the creative culinary splendor that is the Big Apple. 

One distinction - we've been asked if this is a franchise, and the answer is no - it is a partnership. That allows Craig and team to be creative and in-tune with the needs of their community, tailoring menus and logistics and philanthropy to their unique geographical area, and also encourages creativity and development. Think of the two chapters as close sisters, not twins.

More information coming at you in the days and weeks to come! Meantime, have friends that just HAVE to know about this? Hop on over to our Instagram and tag 'em for a chance to win a gift certificate to Nourish NYC

Thanks for the love and support y'all! 

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