It's Nourish NYC's BIG DAY!

October 09, 2020 3 min read

It's Nourish NYC's BIG DAY!

You've heard us talk for a month now about the AMAZING expansion to NYC Nourish is experiencing this year - all due to the incredibly hard work of one of my very favorite humans, Chef Craig Linthicum!

Craig and I have enjoyed the healthiest, easiest, most gratifying work relationship and with some hard work and honest, open communication we've grown that affinity into a partnership that will benefit customers of both platforms for years to come. I'm beyond excited to see what they do with our carefully cultivated food ideology and confident they'll prove to be a skilled leader not only in the kitchen, which they already have!, but outside of it, as well.  

One of my very favorite pieces of the work we've tackled has been publishing our Themifesto. You're right if you're detecting a slight change from the word Manifesto - neither of us felt that term was the proper one to describe the gorgeous and reexamined set of values core to both branches of Nourish. If you've yet to give it a read, please do so here. Establishing that open love and support for ALL walks of life on our planet, no matter how they express their existence, is a foundational piece to the culture of our company, but I don't know if we would have declared it so loudly or visibly, if Craig didn't feel it was imperative. See? They're already improving things around here ;)

More on what being inclusive, and Coming Out means, from our dear Chef Craig, is below. Enjoy! - Chef Julia

There’s no skirting the scary prospect of “Coming Out.”

Sharing that piece of what makes you, YOU, to the world, whether it’s your sexual orientation, gender expression, personal or political views, ethics or even openly announcing a new take on life… it can be nothing short of TERRIFYING.

This year marks 10 years since my own “coming out” as an openly queer man, a feat that has brough the occasional heartache and confrontation, but OVERWHELMINGLY a sense of fulfillment and joy not previously thought possible.

Opening Nourish NYC is pointedly similar to that “coming out” adventure (much like anyone else opening a small business, displaying their art for the first time, RUNNING FOR OFFICE!, or other new stages of life!). The last few months have been a whirlwind of exposing those innermost passions and expressions to the world, knowing that there’s a chance that they may be met with rejection.

Just like that 1st coming out, however, I have enjoyed reassurance from people across ALL walks of life, both near and far, in an enormous outpouring of appreciationfor all that Nourish NYC represents: "Food is at the Crux of Social Change," and the fundamentals of our THEMIFESTO.   Check out that Themifesto HERE.

I encourage you to join us in celebration of what makes each of us special and a little more empathetic to others; what makes us unique in a garden of equally beautiful foliage; and what brings us “Out of the Closet,” shining proudly in the light!

Taking that first step and learning that there are others out there for support and encouragement & to offer solidarity is, truly, one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life 😊

So, today, on October 11th, National Coming Out Day, Nourish NYC and my beautiful Queer family send out all the love and support for YOUR next transition!

We whole-heartedly celebrates YOUR bravery, YOUR commitment to self, whether it’s the first time or the 10000th time...



-Chef Craigles and the Nourish NYC Team!

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