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Indigenous Peoples Day

October 01, 2021 2 min read

Indigenous Peoples Day

You may have noticed that our delivery day option for Monday is listed as “Monday Oct 11th - Indigenous Peoples Day.”

In keeping with our inclusive policies and respect for all humans, we felt it was important to show our support for this more honest and accurate recognition of our nation’s history. As we become more aware of the issues and struggles faced by all minorities in our country, including the LGBTQ and indigenous communities, acknowledging Indigenous Peoples Day is an important part of that growth.

In 2019, Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles proclaimed October 14 as Indigenous Peoples' Day instead of Columbus Day at that month’s Charlotte city council meeting. The holiday is a counter-celebration meant to recognize the contributions of Native Americans instead of what critics call the violent history of colonization.

You can learn more about Indigenous Peoples Day on the Illuminatives site, and also on the WFAE.orgsite. You can learn more about our philosophy below!


At Nourish, you can count on us to not only prepare and deliver delicious, gluten-free, culturally diverse vegan food, but to hold to the following values (affectionately referred to as our Themifesto) while doing so. When we say...

Sustainable, we mean resource-aware sourcing; emphasizing fair trade, organic, local, seasonal and low-carbon supply chains.

Ethical, we mean acting respectfully and responsibly towards all creatures, genders, orientations, races, cultures, ethnicities, and any other representation of life with whom we share Earth as home.

Plant-based, we mean centering plants as our only source of nutrition, wholesomeness and inspiration.

Nourishing, we mean enriching the lives of our customers and employees, as well as our community, planet, and ourselves - in every way we can.

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