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Hidden Gems 5: That New New for You You!

August 05, 2022 1 min read

Hidden Gems 5: That New New for You You!

Aaaaand we're back again with a Hidden Gems episode for ya - check out the most recent additions to our weekly delivery menu below! 

Smoothie Bags from Green Brother's Juice - So we make a mean Green Smoothie, it is true. BUT! We love these add milk and blend smoothie bags from our pals at Green Brothers TOO! Have an extra sec to spend in your morning routine? Try one of these bad boys :)

Party Crisps from the Extraordinary Snack Company - NOM NOM NOM! While we are gonna miss our SuperSeed crackers this summer, we are LOVING this savory crisps from the ESC! Tasty and nutrient dense, try em with our weekly hummus or just snack on em with peace of mind :)

Buchi - we will miss our pals at Sumbucha, it is true. But we are stoked to offer you the tastiest fermenty beverage outta Asheville, Buchi! Enjoy Legacy (a more cooling palate) or Fire for a spicer option. 

Raw Bites by Risa - we are officially OBSESSED with Risa's snacks! Blue Bounty makes the perfect afternoon pick me up and those NUTELLA ROLLS, y'all, are healthy decadence if we've ever seen it. Snag some to try today! 

Ready for more? Read all about our favey Kimchi recipe here, on the blog!