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Hidden Gems 4! Even more to enjoy :)

February 27, 2022 1 min read

Hidden Gems 4! Even more to enjoy :)
And we're back again with a few highlights of our weekly menu that you don't wanna miss! 

Lion's Mane options on Bodhi and Power bowls

Every week, we offer Lion's Mane mushrooms (from our pals at Urban Gourmet Farms!) as a premium protein add on on our Bodhi and Power Bowls! We heartily believe in the power of mushrooms at Nourish, and this mushroom in particular. Thought to have neuroregenerative properties, it is both delicious, and good for your brain! Have you tried them yet?

Barvecue Naked

Ah yes! Our friends to the north who are making one of the finest meat substitutes around. We love their Naked BVQ because it comes smoked with no added sugars or sauce - so that you can get creative in any way you like! BVQ makes a great sandwich or taco filling, and we've been known to make a shepherd's pie with it as well. Enjoy! 

Bhakti Bowls (AKA Nourish Bento!)

Nourish Bento Bowls hit the menu a while back, but they recently got a packaging upgrade to keep the sweets and the savories separate. We also added a 5-pack option to save you some moola if you bulk purchase!

As we continue to add locally sourced, plant-based goodness to our menu, we will make sure to highlight those products here and on social media. Stay tuned! We have a few new partnerships in the works that you won't want to miss. 

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