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Hidden Gems 3: Did You Know?

February 19, 2022 1 min read

Hidden Gems 3: Did You Know?

And we're back with another episode of Hidden Gems - where we point out some of our new, or just favorite, products for you to try!

CBD Dog Treats from our pals at The Queerstead

That's right! Is your doggo a little on edge? CBD doggy treats from The Queerstead to the rescue! Made with organic and gluten free ingredients, Allison compounds her own CBD coconut butter from flower to ensure your pup gets super pampered.

Lemon Ginger Tonic

An oldy but a goody! We recently added black pepper to our tonic to increase its anti-inflammation properties. It's also a delicious warming beverage and a great immune boost, as well! 

Bolly Balls from The Naked Tart

You've likely tried tarts from The Naked Tart, but have you tried these little protein-packed balls flavored with cardamom? They're delicious and a great grab and go snack!

OM CBD Beverages 

Big fans of the team at Crunchy Hydration and this line of high-quality CBD seltzer. Made locally, the whole team loves them!

Ready for more? Read all about other hidden gems on our menu here, on the blog!