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Help Community Abortion Support
through our friends at Feed The Movement!

July 09, 2022 2 min read

Help Community Abortion Support <br />through our friends at Feed The Movement!

As soon as the rumor that Roe v Wade was under threat surfaced some months back, our industrious pals at Feed the Movement started planning.

They figure that with NC being safe, at least for the time being, that we'd be a landing place for those in need of abortions from surrounding states that are not, like Georgia, South Carolina and the like. And so they started a drive - to collect items needed most by people who have had the procedure. It is, after all, outpatient surgery, and comes with the dangers and pain you'd associate with any surgery. It is often also a extremely emotionally wrought experience for anyone who gets one - so there are emotional support items on their list as well.

Nourish and Plant Joy are currently accepting donations of the below on behalf of Feed the Movement for the aftercare of anyone who has recently gotten an abortion. You can bring your donations by Nourish any time and leave them on our stoop out front, or come by Plant Joy during business hours and we will make sure your items make it into the hands of those that most need them.

Needed items include: 

•pads with wings

•food & ride gift cards (grocery store, restaurants, Uber, Lyft, etc.)


•CBD gummies

•heating/cooling pads


•ginger candies

•ginger essential oil

•raspberry/ginger/lemon tea

•iron tablets

•epsom salt


•hydration packets

•love/support notes

•art supplies

•anything that helped you during your abortion


In need of a package yourself? DM Feedthemovement on IG and they'll deliver one straight to you. 

Thank you for continuing to make it possible for us to do work that brings us great joy and pride, while supporting causes we as a team hold dear! 

Love, Team Nourish

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