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Healthy School Lunch is Back on the Menu! Welcome Back, Bhakti Bowls!

September 09, 2018 2 min read

Healthy School Lunch is Back on the Menu! Welcome Back, Bhakti Bowls!
You know what a whole food, plant-based diet does for you. Now we're making it just as easy to get the kids on board, too!

Just a few months back, Team Nourish got to meet and cook with the CMS Culinary Director and cafeteria workers at Myers Park High. While the lunch selections weren't terrible, they weren't healthy by any stretch, either. Pizza and pasta ruled the day, alongside chicken fingers and french fries. Fresh vegetables were in short supply. And while change is thankfully coming, it hasn't come to most schools quite yet.

Study after study has emphasized what eating well does for school-age children. Low sugar meals help keep energy stable throughout the day, making focusing on schoolwork that much easier. Making healthy habits around food at an early age can have life-long influence. And kids that watch their parents eat well at home, and eat well with them, are often confused by what they're offered during school meals.

Enter our Bhakti Bowl! Always designed with nutrition and flavor as priorities number one and two, this nut-free, vitamin packed mini bowl is the perfect solution to a portable, delicious school lunch for your child.

Each week, we'll select kid-friendly side dishes from around our menu and pack them all in a recyclable bowl, complete with a sweet (but nutritious!) treat - organic dried fruit or a chunk of our organic, low-glycemic baked oats. 

Let us take the pressure off school-week meal planning. We're here to make eating well easy for the whole family.

Check out this week's Bhakti Bowl here!

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