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Happy National Veggie Burger Day! Here are a few of our favs, near and far!

June 04, 2022 2 min read

Happy National Veggie Burger Day! Here are a few of our favs, near and far!

It's no secret we're big fans of eating well around here! But eating well doesn't mean we don't occasionally crave a big ol' burger. And we've got some fav spots around town (and a few in NYC!) to share with you in honor of National Veggie Burger Day today.

But first! It's worth noting that none of the burgers highlighted below are Beyond or Impossible proteins. 

It's not that we don't think those products have a place in the vegan space, or hold value for people new to eating healthfully, but we're all about VEGGIE burgers at Nourish. Burgers that are made of whole, wholesome foods like mushrooms and legumes. That way, you get to eat your cake and your vitamins SIMULTANEOUSLY! Ain't it great?

Chef Julia's done a fair amount of speaking on this subject - the need to balance our choices, now that there are SO many meat substitutes on the market - with wholesome, natural foods, sourced as locally as possible. She really dives in here, in this conversation from 2021 with the Scallion Pancake Podcast crew, right around when Plant Joy first opened. PJ re-imagines vegetable-centric cooking in a very literal sense, and hopes to prove that we don't need processed proteins to make food special and satisfying. 

Newly returned to Charlotte chef and Vegecator-in-Chief Dawn Williams (of Herban Eats) has a similar ideology to how she cooks - check out some of her videos and platform here and here.

And they're in great company! A lot of local Charlotte vegan and vegan-friendly spots are still going to the trouble of making their own veggie burgers in house and are worth the trip. Check out our favs! 

Sunburger - gorgeous meal prep and pop ups by our pal Xavier, he makes several types of burger and always has one on deck when he pops up at the Spokeeasy! 

ZiZi's pop up at Berrybrook Farms - the OG! Mehr is now popping up permanently weekdays at the Berrybrook kitchen - we love black bean burger 

Deli St Veggie Burger - these guys SLAY with their vegan options but their house-madeburger is fab too!

Ve-Go Burger - handmade with love by our pal Akil and co - make sure to check the schedule as his menu rotates weekly 

Bean'sJalapeno Cheddar Burger - a big ol' mess of a burger, this is a spicy, greasy pile and is fab. Bean's been making this crazy thing for almost a decade! 


And from our pals in NYC - 

Superiority Burger - a great experience, and not for the burgers alone 

Lekka Burger - from Dirt Candy comes this lil burger shack making KILLER veggie burgers! Try em next time you're in the big citay :)


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