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Greening Our Invoicing Process

March 28, 2019 1 min read

Greening Our Invoicing Process

Happy Sunday, all!

You might notice a difference with your delivery this week - only one slip of paper with your itemized invoice on it will accompany your order, rather than two.

It's all part of our efforts to further our Green Kitchen Initiative. Instead of printing out a whole other sheet of paper for you to peruse, we're going digital with our Delivery Note, instead. Paper waste runs rampant on our planet, and we want to do our part to cut waste.

Now, when you want to know what's freezer friendly, or what kind of interesting features this week's menu contains, you'll just need to open your Delivery Reminder Email and click the link there, OR head over to our Nutritional Info page, and download the note from there!

We're always trying to make your experience with Nourish superlative, so please - feedback about this change (and anything at all!) is always appreciated. We can always be reached at info (at) nourishcharlotte.com.

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