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The Integrative Cleanse - our most comprehensive cleanse package to date!

November 18, 2018 2 min read

The Integrative Cleanse - our most comprehensive cleanse package to date!
At Nourish, we believe that what you put in your body is incredibly important. Good food nourishes and repairs, prevents disease and creates vitality, and that's just to start.

But we also know that food is not the only path to wellness - physical activity and body work is also key!

That's why we've combined forces with a couple of our favorite local small businesses to offer a brand new package this holiday season. Meet our most comprehensive cleanse to date: The Integrative Cleanse.

Whether you're looking to kickstart your health this New Year's or help a loved one or friend start off on the right foot, this package makes it easy. The experts at AerialCLT teach the power of strength and flexibility through the use of silks, lyra and other apparatus. The team of Massage Therapists at Okra provide massage of all types to help keep muscles and the lymphatic system happy and healthy. And of course, fueled by Nourish, who knows what new heights of great feeling and stamina you or yours might reach!

Each cleanse includes a week of healthy, balanced meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), a discounted 60-minute massage, and a 4-class Aerial Yoga pass. Participants will also receive a unique coupon code for a discount on an additional 3 weeks of Nourish delivery post-cleanse, to help keep them on track. 

Give the gift of wellness to yourself or your loved one this holiday season with the Integrative Cleanse. 

You can purchase the plan now and start immediately, or purchase as a gift (just drop us a line to let us know that's your plan). Gift purchases will be emailed a lovely gift certificate, to print out for your lucky giftee!

Happy Healthy Holidays from Team Nourish!

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