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Give the Gift of Nourish this year. But what does that mean, exactly?

November 24, 2018 2 min read

Give the Gift of Nourish this year. But what does that mean, exactly?

We are BUSY. Hustling and bustling around, hopping from work to appointments to shopping to maybe, if we're lucky, squeezing in quality time with friends and loved ones. The pace of life is fast, and that means that self care often falls by the wayside. But if we're expected to constantly perform at this high level, how can we if we aren't fueling ourselves intentionally?

And there it is - the reason we're here.

Nourish was founded on the ideology that given all the time and resources in the world, you'd make this food for yourself and those you care about, instead of having us do it. You'd hunt down the best produce - grown locally, with organic methods, by knowledgeable farmers that want to heal with their produce. You'd source the highest quality ingredients and flavors - organic spices from Savory Spice Shop, organic miso from Miso Master, herbs grown in your own backyard, rice, oats, grains, and quinoa sourced from Fair Trade certified vendors to ensure that not only you were thriving on the food you'd made, but those involved in the making were as well. You'd make a safe and warm environment for that food to be created in, because happiness and love transfer from chef's hands to those enjoying their creations.

Just to remind you guys - everything at Nourish is:

Gluten Free
Locally Sourced (and thus, more nutritive, with phytonutrients intact and active)
Refined Sugar-Free
Environmentally Friendly
Ethically Sourced
Nutrient Dense

Basically, Good Food. As good as food gets. Nutritive. Delicious. Intentional. Truly Healthy.

But that takes time, and time is what is hardest to come by these days.

We have a number of great gift ideas to help nudge your closest people into healthier dietary choices.

Our newest class, Foods that Fuel, is a great way to learn technique and enjoy the company of other health-aware humans. Our newest cleanse, the first we've launched involving body work as part of a well-rounded diet. But even easier are our gift cards - a quick, easy way to say "Hey - I love you and want you to try eating with wellness as first priority. Trust me - it's delicious, and you'll feel amazing." We know you're here for that, as are we. And you can help the ones you love understand the power of food by making it simple, easy, riskless, with a gift purchase from Nourish.


Gift options:

Class ticket

Gift Certificate

Cleanse package

If you'd like a lovely gift certificate for wrapping and sticking under the tree, just shoot us an email and let us know, we got you.

Thanks for thinking of us this Holiday Season! We can't wait to nourish you and yours!

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